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Crypto Ball Z

The all-time popular game, Game of Dice, returns with the commanders as an idle RPG shooter NFT game, Crypto Ball Z, with a play-to-earn approach.

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What Is Crypto Ball Z?

Crypto Ball Z On WEMIX is a blockchain NFT game from WEMIX, the company known for creating Game of Dice. It combines the RPG elements with a bullet hell (Shooter) game and idle play. The game is available for PC and smartphone players alike.

The World is under attack from unidentified objects and aliens. It is the job of the Hero Associations and the commanders to take the enemies down. You will collect these commanders and characters, level up as you progress, to defeat the alien forces.

The game is free to play and play to earn on the WEMIX blockchain, which is exchangeable with most cryptocurrencies.

How To Play?

You will need to download the game and install it before you can join. The game doesn’t ask you to invest anything to play the game. However, you can visit the marketplaces to invest in better heroes, to begin with. You will start with a team of Novice, initially, and you can level up or upgrade them as you go.

The entire game is an idle shooter, so all you need to do is carry out certain actions, upgrades and more, or participate in new levels. Apart from that, the game is automatic, and you can run it in the background. Hence, you can focus on many other games, as well.

The objective is for you to enhance and amplify your firepower to take care of all the challenges ad levels that come your way.

Crypto Ball Z Tokens

The game works on two native tokens.

  • HERCO: The in-game native currency that you will use to upgrade heroes, items, and such.
  • HEROSTONE: The valuable material, also an equivalent of cryptocurrency in the game, that you can exchange for more HERCO, levelling up heroes, unlocking commanders, NFTs and more.

There is also commander NFTs. The commander NFTs are taken from the Game of Dice game. These can be acquired to boost certain capabilities or be used in place of novices.

How To Buy Crypto Ball Z Tokens?

You will need the WEMIX wallet, as mentioned before. There are two ways for you to acquire in-game tokens and NFTs:

  • WEMIX Credits
  • WEMIX Tokens

They are technically the same thing. You acquire them by using any of the cryptocurrencies. The WEMIX wallet and exchange platform supports most cryptocurrencies. So, if you have assets in those, you can exchange them for WEMIX credits or tokens and then invest in the NFTs, tokens and so on.

You can also choose to play for free, acquire HEROSTONE, and then get HERCOs to exchange them for NFT and other assets.

Play In Guild

If you seek to unlock better rewards, and lend or rent the NFT assets like commanders, joining a Guild is a great way to begin. You could accumulate more wealth with the fast-growing NFT platform of Balthazar.

As a wizard of Balthazar, you can acquire scholarships or share the monetary gains with your partner. Join today to become a part of the highly-sustainable and wealth-building community in the Metaverse.


What Kind Of Game Is Crypto Ball Z?

Crypto Ball Z is not a Dragon Ball Z Game. It is an RPG game that is a bullet hell or shooter with idle play. You don’t have to actively play the game. Just upgrade the characters, get a new one and let it all rain. New levels will require more firepower, and you can accumulate more rewards like that.

Is Crypto Ball Z Free To Play And Play To Earn?

Crypto Ball Z is free-to-play and provides you with Novice heroes to start using them. You can start earning steadily and invest the earnings in levelling up your characters and upgrading them. There is also an option to pay first to get better heroes, commanders, and upgrades. There is no compulsion for anything. The players will have the freedom to choose however they would like to play the game.

Which Blockchain Does Crypto Ball Z Use?

Crypto Ball Z uses the WEMIX blockchain. It is something similar to NETMARBLE’s blockchain. In other words, a company’s standalone blockchain provides their game with an infrastructure on Metaverse, and the NFT platform, to reap the benefits of the hype.

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