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Crown Chaser

Crown Chase is a play-to-earn tower defense game that allows players to collect and trade cards in exciting battles.

  • Polygon

Crown Chaser NFT Game

Crown Chase is a play-to-earn tower defense game that allows players to collect and trade cards in exciting battles. Players can show their skills by competing against other players in player vs. player (PvP) battles in the game, which take place in a magical realm that is always altering. The goal is to conquer the game, just like in any competitive online game.

A deck of eight cards is required for each player before they can engage in combat on the battlefield. Players will be taken to the arena at the beginning of the match, where there will be a total of six towers—three for each player. The player who eliminates the most opposing towers within the allotted time wins the match. There will be rewards for every success. There are numerous leagues and their respective categories. There are three main classifications of hero cards: fighters, tanks, and support. The enemy’s men and tower have to take a lot of damage from the fighters. Tanks, on the other hand, have a good offensive plan and a lot of health points. Support also has special skills like restoring other heroes. A crown system is used to rank players from one league to the other; hence the more crowns a player receives, the higher their league will be, and the more tokens they will earn as a result. This game develops a system that aims to preserve stability and equity in conventional free-to-play games while bringing the considerable value and advantages of blockchain technologies, including NFTs.

CUC and CPG are the game’s tokens. The utility token, or CUC, is what players acquire through fight victories and may be used to purchase in-game items and upgrades. CPG is the governance token. Each participant is given a daily energy budget of 20 Energy, which they can use to engage in the game. Players can get coins, crowns, and XP from their victories to the energy. But players can only win crowns till they run out of power. The user can buy an energy booster to replenish or add more energy by paying CUC. CUC and CPG can be kept and traded by players in their wallets.

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