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Cradles: Origin of Species

Cradles is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-PlayingGame) that leverages Blockchain technology.

Cradles: Origin of Species NFT Game

Cradles is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that leverages Blockchain technology. Cradles: Origin of Species is the pioneer of a whole new field, a time-lapsing metaverse game, a virtual world that continues to grow through the laws of time and physics.

The world of cradles aims to create a free world where players can freely explore. Players can explore the Main Cities (Artaca City, Brician City, Curvitan City, Dongle City, Elona City, Fireal City, and Gilaria City). Or enter the Adventure World through an anti-magnetic pole orbit. The Adventure World is where the fun and excitement start, players obtain supplies by exchanging hunted prey with NPCs, and players can hunt monsters as well as rescue creatures. The immersive open world of Cradles allows players to be surrounded by magnificent wildlife or if the worse comes, be surrounded by enemies.

Various game events will make the Cradles more exciting for players. Creation is an event at the start of the spawning of species, the guardian creature statue will spawn in the Valley of Life and the Pilgrimage location will emerge. The Pilgrimage is an event where a statue will appear in the worlds of Cradles and every player who pays their respect around it will receive rewards such as crystals and NFTs. The Chaos Time event happens randomly, when these events occur Primitive Creatures and Chaos Creatures will be able to enter the Main Cities and bring chaos everywhere, all hell breaks loose and all types of attacks are available, players and creatures can attack each other without restriction.

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