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An idle play-to-earn game on the Avalanche network. Set in an undersea world filled  where the NFTs resemble Hermit-Crabs that are equiped with weapons – called Crabada. NFTs can the capability to breed, battle, rent and lend.

  • Avalanche
Price $0.00
Market Cap $87,796
Fully Diluted Market Cap $246,630
Volume(24h) 2
24h % Change -0.59
Circulating Supply 355,983,565.00 CRA
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

What Is Crabada?

Crabada is a play-to-earn idle game that enables you to breed, mine, and loot. You will also have to defend your treasures from other looters in the game. It is set in Undersea, where you have a kingdom of crabs. Each one has a unique design to appeal to the players.

The game has maintained a firm position in the top 50 games on Dapp Radar. While the ranking continually fluctuates, it has around 4,000 to 7,000 players active monthly. There have been over six million transactions in the game, as well.

Crabada launched in April 2021 and has come a long way since. It has continually incorporated new features like PvP, PvE, and Cross-Platform Compatibility. There have been new additions to game items and events like tournaments. It has been divided into two types (Battle And Idle). The Battle Game has been under development since the initial release of the game. It is available as a demo for the players to try.

The game is relatively easy to play. Crabada is also the name of the in-game species, or you could call them crabs.

  • You will need three Crabada to form a Mining or a Looting Party. Yes, you will have to invest in them and purchase them from the Marketplace.
  • Then you can occupy the mining space to mine or loot other players’ mining space for reward.
  • If you have Idle Crabadas, you can outsource them to the Tavern for other players to hire. In return, you earn in-game Tokens.

Crabada Tokens – Three Assets

The game offers three different assets for you to earn and acquire in-game:

  • ARC-721 (NFT): These are also known as Crabada, the crabs in the game. You can breed them together to make new ones. This unit is used in-game to mine, loot, and earn cryptocurrency. Yes, they hold real value and exist in a player’s blockchain.
  • ARC-20 (Native Token): The game has incentive periods and a staking system. CRA (Crabada) is the cryptocurrency you will earn from these initiatives.
  • ARC-20 (In-Game Currency): TUS (Treasure Under Sea) is the primary in-game currency that you can only earn while playing the game. You receive them by sticking to the mining, looting, or lending mechanism of the game. Later, you can use it to make purchases, among other things, in the marketplace.

Crabada NFTs cost around 22,008 TUS (Average) with around 15.8 Market volume. You can learn more about Crabada’s tokenomics here.

How To Buy And Sell Crabada Tokens

The best way to buy and sell Crabada tokens is on the Game’s unique marketplace. It has a dedicated and highly secure marketplace available for you to access. That’s primarily for the NFTs.

If you seek to buy and sell the CRA (Cryptocurrency Crabada), you have popular wallet options like Binance. Almost any crypto wallet with Avalanche support could help you sell or buy CRA. For instance, TraderJoe has been Crabada’s hub since its release.

Play In A Guild

The union of NFT games and the metaverse is opening a new frontier of gaming guilds. If you want to thrive in NFT games, it is better to team up. That’s what platforms like Balthazar Guild are offering for the new players. You can join these guilds and receive various rewards. Many offer Scholarship Programs, while the veteran players often like to help the rookies. As a result, you accept the NFTs needed to play the games or excel in the chain.

How It Works:
Balthazar is a well-versed guild with many players spread across popular NFT games. While these players ace their fields, we also invest in the NFTs. As a result, we lend these NFTs to the Scholars, also known as the ‘Wizards’ of Balthazar.

These Wizards are the new players who use these NFTs to play. As a result, we have a stronger guild and help each other, as a community, to thrive. That’s the objective of Balthazar.


How To Buy Crabada?

You can check out the official marketplace for Crabada (NFTs). If you’re looking for CRA (cryptocurrency), you can find it on credible Crypto-wallets. Balthazar Guild also helps Wizards acquire NFTs to play the game. So, you can check that out, as well.

What Is Crabada Token?

Crabada Token is a cryptocurrency you will earn by playing the game. You can use it to Stake and get Amulets for special perks. There are also Lucky Draws where you can use it. Initially, Crabada Token is used to buy Crabada NFTs and build a team of three. For this, you will have to connect the wallet.

What Is Crabada Token Price?

Crabada Token currently stands at 0.9$. There have been some fluctuations in the value, but it has maintained a firm standing so far.

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