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Contract Servant

Contract Servant is a play to earn trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • ETH
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $8,501,381
Volume(24h) 17,149
24h % Change 12.58
Circulating Supply 0.00 CSC
Max Supply 65,000,000,000
Total Supply 64,994,130,519

Contract Servant NFT GAME

Contract Servant is a play to earn trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain. Players will have to forge their contracts and command their servants to enter the battle, seize every advantage, every perfect strategies and powerful servants to claim your victory. This game uses the ERC21 tokens to store game data and determines attributes, images and data related to distribution and marketing. And the ingame currency in this game is the Contrac Servant coins ($CSC) which can also be used for trades and exchanges in the marketplace.

In this game, players will become a Master, you will Battle other Masters by using your Servants. ETH can be used to pay for Servants or to trade them between other Masters. To make a new servant, you can also combine two already exist. Create your own distinctive deck of servants and compete to become the best. Servants can be traded between Masters, and you can purchase a servant listed for sale by paying with ETH. Consuming Contract Servant Coins (CSC; see below) will level up your servants. The HP and POW stats will increase as the level of the servants. You may lend a duplicate of your battle-limited card Servant to another master. To borrow, ETH must be used. It is possible to lend money to multiple people at once. You can use it in your own battle even if you lend it.

With this game, it will provide a better experience in trading card games as it has new features and gameplay that will surely satisfy the masters in game. You can basically earn just by playing your cards or by lending it to others. This game offers lots of earning opportunities while also enjoying it.

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