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Cometh is an exciting and innovative strategy game that takes place in outer space.

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Price $10.31
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $10,307,081
Volume(24h) 430
24h % Change -2.48
Circulating Supply 0.00 MUST
Max Supply 1,000,000

Cometh NFT Game

Cometh is an exciting and innovative strategy game that takes place in outer space. Players control spaceships, also known as astrominers, and compete to mine asteroids and win valuable tokens. The game leverages the Ethereum blockchain and DeFi protocols to enable players to collect, trade, and earn tokens, including NFTs unique to the Cometh metaverse. Cometh also features a fun and intense free-to-play trading card game called Cometh Battle, where players can customize their decks, rent or buy spaceships, and collect NFT cards and spaceships.

Players in Cometh can earn tokens by mining asteroids. These asteroids have tokens or LP tokens attached to them. On ComethSwap, LP tokens function similarly to shares in a pool of tokens. Players can earn these tokens or a share of the tokens in the pool by mining these asteroids. The game’s goal is to mine comets, and players can travel to different solar systems in order to find more comets to mine. There are three solar systems in the game, each with its own set of comets to mine.Cometh Rovers, a new way to mine, was recently introduced by Cometh. Cometh Rovers allows players to deposit a rover on specific comets and leave it to mine. The rover will collect rewards from the comet, which players will be able to obtain later. Because these comets are radioactive, players cannot mine them directly. Cometh Rovers introduces a new way for players to earn game rewards.

Finally, Cometh is a distinct and evolving blockchain game that provides players with an immersive space experience while leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and DeFi protocols. Cometh provides an exciting and engaging gameplay experience that rewards players for their skills and strategy through its various game modes and rewards system.

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