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Coltis Universe

Coltis is a third-person multiplayer video game developed by Usyit Studios.

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Coltis Universe NFT Game

Coltis is a third-person multiplayer video game developed by Usyit Studios. It features two characters from the Coltis race that players can control. The game has various modes, including PvP and PvE, which offer rewards in the form of $Coltis or $LK tokens, trophies, and experience points. There are also non-NFT and NFT items, such as appearance, skins, weapons, and backpacks that players can use to improve their characters and enhance their gaming experience.

The Battle Royale of the Coltis Universe offers two game modes with different internal characteristics. In the PvP mode, players must be the last ones standing in each game to win. They can participate in all against all or team games, such as 5 vs. 5 or 10 vs. 10. The rewards include $LK tokens, points for item unlocks, and trophies, among others. The PvE mode involves defeating a series of waves of Coltis with zombie mutations, with the boss generating rewards such as token $LK and experience points for the character.

The game has an energy system where players are given 30 energy, which they can use for both PvP and PvE modes. Players can gain more energy by increasing their NFT item inventory to a maximum of 80 energy. Players can also participate in weekly qualifying tournaments in the PvP mode where they compete for rewards, and the tickets can be bought with $LK tokens. There is a special monthly qualifying tournament where players can compete for $Coltis token rewards and exchange vouchers for random NFT items. To unlock items, players must earn or buy unlocking points with $LK tokens.

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