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Coin Hunt World

Geolocation and AR meets real world map for NFT game with play-to-earn where you discover and unlock vaults. Collect Cubies NFTs for more.

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What Is Coin Hunt World?

Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a play-to-earn NFT game that works with geolocation technology. It used augmented reality technology to turn the real world into a game world for people to explore. As a player, you explore the map of your area and unravel various keys and vaults. These vaults hold various surprises, from rewards in Bitcoins and Ethereum to other NFT and crypto rewards, all for you.

The game is available with a full release on Android and a closed beta on iOS. For iOS, you have to visit the official website to register.

How To Play?

You must first download the game, register, and launch it on your phone. Once you do so, it will ask for permission to access Geo-Location. You must ensure that you’re in the country where the game is available.

Once activated, you will have a map of your area to explore. If the map isn’t explored, or the maps aren’t available, it means that nobody in your area has explored the map yet. So, you will have to be the first.

Otherwise, there will be vaults, keys, and other items visible on the map. Your objective is to visit these locations and unravel these vaults or keys. Once you find a vault to unlock, there will be a trivia. If you answer correctly, you will receive the rewards.

The rewards can be Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cubies, or Resources.

  • Ethereum and Bitcoins are cryptocurrencies.
  • Cubies are the in-game characters that are also NFTs.
  • Resources are what you will use to print on cubies and give them a makeover to make them more unique or one of a kind.

The game offers both free-to-play and play-to-earn opportunities to the players. It is also a lifestyle or an active game that is basically ‘Run2Earn.’ Or ‘Explore2Earn.’ You can compare it to Pokemon Go because of the location tracking and map. But it doesn’t offer monsters for you to train and battle. There are just cute little Cubies.

Tokens In Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World offers Ethereum and Bitcoin as cryptocurrency rewards. The team is also developing a native cryptocurrency, VeriBlock (VBK). It will be available in the blue vaults for players to explore and acquire.

Apart from the cryptocurrencies, CHW offers NFTs in the form of Cubies. Cubies are little square-shaped creatures, natives to the CHW. They are available throughout the map and usually in the vaults. Each Cubie is unique, and you can further customize them with the help of resources.

Resources are collections of various things like Raisins, Blue Paint, Green Paint, etc. There are also unique resources depending on the festival or time of the year. There are many events that bring new cubies and resources for you to customize. These cubies are NFTs that you can trade in the marketplace. However, they are not authentic NFT resources.

The game primarily relies on other incentives to make it play to earn.

How To Buy Tokens In Coin Hunt World?

There isn’t any marketplace or secondary method for you to buy or acquire any tokens. You will have to participate in the game, explore the map, unlock the vaults, and more. That is the only way for you to acquire rewards and other in-game resources. Your HQ also comes with 3 mystery boxes per day.

However, you can turn your HQ into Uservault, Shops, and Auction house. These are the player-owned markets, basically. Other players will have to visit the location physically to access these places. Think of this like gyms in Pokemon Go.

Play In Guild

Are you looking to connect to other players in your area for Coin Hunt World? Perhaps you are looking for an easy way to acquire rewards, keys, vaults, and more. Whatever the reason, joint community efforts are always the best. Join Balthazar, a thriving NFT platform that has become a world-class hub for people to build a wealth-generating infrastructure together.


How To Earn Money In Coin Hunt World?

You can sell Cubies and other resources that you acquire in-game. However, the best way is by acquiring Ethereum, Bitcoin, or the new VeriBlock (VBK) cryptocurrency. These will enable you to make money.

Is Coin Hunt World Available For PC?

Coin Hunt World is a full release on Android devices. You can go ahead and download it on the play store. It also has closed-Beta for iOS users. However, as it is a geolocation game, it is not available for PCs.

How To Get More Keys In CHW?

You can combine various keys you find and turn them into a different color for rarer vaults. Other than that, you will have to explore the map to find the keys. The best way is to open the mystery box and hope for keys in the boxes. These mystery boxes are dropped in HQ for you.

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