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ClawKiss is a new Dress & Earn game for vampires only.

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ClawKiss NFT Game

ClawKiss is a new Dress & Earn game for vampires only. The game provides a one-of-a-kind experience in which players interact with Etherial Symbiotic Automatons (ESAs), their lovers, and companions who provide high-quality, nutritious blood. You can increase your ESA’s Doki-Doki Gauge and ClawKiss them to get Extra KissStone, rise through the vampire society, and even achieve titles by using the ancient vampire spell Charm on a regular basis.

KissStone and CLAW tokens are essential components of the in-game economy in ClawKiss. KissStone is an in-game utility token that players may spend to purchase limited-edition goods, exchange for MOOI tokens, or burn to create a stable economy. With KissStone, NFT ESA owners have greater income potential. CLAW tokens will be launched in-game in 2023, and early adopters will be rewarded for supplying liquidity to the MOOI Swap’s Liquidity Pool. Users may convert CLAW tokens to VCash and use them to purchase mystery boxes, with some tokens burned on a regular basis to preserve market price stability. The administration of ClawKiss is dedicated to establishing an engaging in-game economy that rewards players with both KissStone and CLAW tokens.

ClawKiss provides an immersive and engaging gameplay experience using NFT ESA avatars that users can utilize to construct a life, care for, dress up, and ClawKiss. NFT ESA is a special sort of NFT that serves a specific role in the game, making it an important part of the ClawKiss environment. The Minting method is generative, allowing algorithms to generate a diverse set of ESAs with various patterns of skin colors, hair colors and styles, and facial features. The ClawKiss team is committed to offering a dynamic and satisfying gaming experience with a strong in-game economy based on KissStone and CLAW tokens.

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