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Clash of NFT

Clash of NFT is a card game developed by Clash of NFT, a Turkish gaming studio.

  • BSC
Price $0.01
Market Cap $17,699,568
Fully Diluted Market Cap $30,543,819
Volume(24h) 47,685
24h % Change 1.21
Circulating Supply 2,897,405,858.70 CON
Total Supply 5,000,000,000

Clash of NFT NFT Game

Clash of NFT is a card game developed by Clash of NFT, a Turkish gaming studio. It is the first multiverse of community- focused and revolutionary web3 application that anchored the use of NFT benefits.

Clash of NFT introduces the concept of Homeland, in which it sets the player’s NFT habitat where they can do in-game activities and are able to earn the land’s enriched energy source known as $RON. Apparently, in order to farm this resourceful land, their owners should require various individuals. These NFT characters are classified by their races: Loyal heroes, humans, elves, orcs, inflammatory devils, and ancient races all start anew in the game’s multiverse. Having these NFT characters, players can also participate in various game modes. In Dungeon Adventure, the hidden secrets of other dimensional universes are still connected by a number of dimensional fractures. The valiant Lord will dispatch his most formidable warriors to investigate dimensional resources. In Arena Duel, the intergalactic arena is the only location where the universe’s mightiest heroes can display their prowess and is where that might is gathered. Clash of NFT also features $CON energy as the game’s native utility token as well as the $RON, the purer and special form of energy which acts as in-game’s governance token.

Clash of NFT is a unique universe that presents bountiful offers for its new inhabitants. With the game powered with blockchain technology it provides an immersive and thrilling experience of interactive collectible game as well as passive and active beneficiary for their Lords.

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