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Clash of Coins

A massively multiplayer online real-time strategy NFT game with play 2 earn aspects that supports Ethereum and BNB Chain.

  • BSC
  • ETH

What Is Clash Of Coins?

Clash of Coins (COC) is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game that is available on a web browser. It is compatible with Mobile and PC web browsers and offers players easy-to-join and easy-to-play options.

The game revolves around different Crypto coin clans. These clans are based on certain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins, Crypterium, Bytom, Energi, Nexon and so on. These are all custom crypto clans that players can join. The game’s objective is for players to acquire more provinces and ensure that their Crypto clan reigns supreme.

The ranking changes every 24 hours, and the top-ranking clans receive the rewards. Which crypto coin will be supreme in the end? The battle rages on with players worldwide. The game can also support more than 100,000 players at a time.

How To Play?

Upon visiting the official website, you can play as a Guest and Sign-up later. Clash Of Coins is a browser-based game. Once you click the ‘Play’ button, it will ask you to select Login or New Player Option.

Next, you can choose if you want to start in a clan. If you choose to skip the step, you can enrol into one of the crypto clans in the game. First, you can explore the game world and learn everything about it.

Clash of Coins supports a wide range of wallets. You will have to connect one of the supported crypto wallets to start playing the game.

  • Once you complete the above-given process, you will have to select one of the Provinces available on the World Map.
  • The world map represents the real world’s map. You can zoom in on any of the unoccupied provinces and acquire them. Capturing provinces will cost the cryptocurrency.
  • After that, you will have to build the attack and defence of your provinces. The entire game revolves around the players capturing unoccupied or other players’ provinces.

Clash Of Coins Tokens

As the game runs on Ethereum and BNB Chain, you have either of the options to use as cryptocurrency in-game. Correlatively, every 24 hours, the reward pool is updated. According to the reward pool (which is formed according to players’ activities), you will receive your reward corresponding to the ranking.

Other than these crypto tokens and rewards, the game has consumables and customisation items. You can turn customisation items into NFTs to sell them in the Marketplaces. That’s how you can generate additional profits.

How To Buy Clash Of Coins Tokens?

The Ethereum and BNB cryptocurrencies are available on most listing and exchange sites. You can use them. But make sure to have them in the wallets supported by Clash of Coins.

Apart from that, you can sell the minted NFTs in secondary marketplaces and find other minted items there, as well.

Play In Guild

Clash Of Coins (COC) takes inspiration from provinces. And just like how each province or kingdom needs an alliance, you can forge yours. Balthazar is a well-versed NFT platform that has a firm grasp on the COC universe. You could join to acquire or provide scholarships, share the NFT assets and build wealth for extended periods.

Become a Balthazar Wizard today to start earning immediately!


Which Blockchain Does Clash Of Coins (COC) Run On?

Clash Of Coins (COC) runs on Ethereum and BNB Chain. The cross-chain compatibility covers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, exchange platforms, and crypto-wallets. Thus, it is easier for people to join and play the game.

Is Clash Of Coins (COC) A P2E Game?

There are plenty of opportunities for COC players to accumulate real-life wealth. This can be through 24-hours reward pool distribution, acquiring new provinces, or empowering yourself to earn wealth. The game is still under development, and there will be more P2E prospects in the future.

Is Clash Of Coins A Pay To Win Game?

Unfortunately, the current mechanism does make the game a little more Pay To Win than Play To Earn. However, paying to win would significantly cut down, or even nullify, the rewards you could earn. So, it is a balanced P2E game as well.

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