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Chibidango Heroes

Chibidango Heroes is a forthcoming Cardano Blockchain Play to Earn Idle Hero Game.

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Chibidango Heroes NFT Game

Chibidango Heroes is a forthcoming Cardano Blockchain Play to Earn Idle Hero Game. Players may collect, battle, and summon heroes to utilize in different activities around the Chibiway Galaxy to earn rewards, items, and resources. There is also a community owned economy built as the core for players to buy, sell and trade resources in the game universe via skill and contributions to the ecosystem.

Chibidango Heroes is a NFT game where the chibidangos come in different races with distinct sets of abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Chibidangos receive additional benefits or stats dependent on their race. They can also do battles in the Colosseum and go on Adventures, Expeditions, and Underworld to collect resources in order to get stronger. Players can create their own Dango Village, summon new Chibis and earn DGEMS along the way. Players can travel the Chibi World’s territory to fulfill missions, engage in random encounters, and mine minerals but players must have a minimum of 3 chibis and a maximum of 6 to go on Adventures. The Colosseum is a PvP arena, where players can battle for seasonal rewards and rating points, it is also one of the primary places to earn Dango Gems (DGEMS), however a team of 6 chibis is required to battle in the arena. At a certain point chibi owners will gain access to the Underworld, where chibis may have a chance to fight with high level monsters for lucrative rewards that can be used for chibi attribute upgrade, a team of 6 chibis is required to venture into the underworld.

Leveling will be one of the key methods for gaining strength. The ways to level up is by going on adventures or using experience potions from the Alchemy Lab. Chibidango Heroes can increase their level up to level 50, every 10 levels Chibidango Heroes will stop gaining experience points and will have to Evolve on to the next Rarity.

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