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Champion Hunters

Champion Hunters is an open-world Action RPG created by Brick Geek Games.

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Champion Hunters NFT Game

Champion Hunters is an open-world Action RPG created by Brick Geek Games. This action-packed, play-to-earn game is designed where players need to hunt champion monsters for them to collect runes and reveal the story behind the world of Valdoria. Throughout your journey, you will encounter NPCs that will help you in the battle against the Terror King who aims to collect all Valdorian Runes to possess what they call “The greatest power of all”.

The main gameplay revolves around the journey through Valdoria, where you hunt champion monsters and gain experience through combat, exploration, and quests. You will also have to choose characters who will fight with you, each of them has a rarity identified by their star rating. There will be 5 ratings, SS being the strongest, and C being the most common. At the beginning of the game, you will have a free class C character, and recruiting new ones requires a CHAMP token. You need to equip your character with weapons and armor to boost their stats, giving your characters an advantage during battles. Wild monsters can also be tamed to be your companion that will assist you throughout your exploration.

Champion Hunters will have 2 tokens. Hunter Token (HUNTER) is the governance token. It allows you to own a piece of the game governance. On the other hand, Champion Shards (CSHARDS) are designed for gameplay and economy. CSHARDS are required to unlock new characters and to trade in the marketplace to buy items and other equipment.

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