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ChainWars is a digital collectible card game (DCCG) where players can earn valuable property by playing games.

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Max Supply 250,000,000
Total Supply 250,000,000

ChainWars NFT Game

ChainWars is a digital collectible card game (DCCG) where players can earn valuable property by playing games. The game revolves around Play & Earn, where players can earn currency and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) by playing games. The blockchain technology ensures a safe and healthy economic environment to approach digital property ownership differently so that players truly own what they obtain. The main game is set in a story of galactic warfare where players choose a side among three factions – Humans, Origon, and Nimble. The game requires players to have at least 31 original ChainWars game cards (NFTs), including one Hero card among them.

Humans, Origon, and Nimble are the three factions involved in ChainWars. Humans are heavily adapted to changing circumstances, and they stand strong by teamwork, loyalty, and sacrifice. Origon is a mix of mythical high leaders and fierceful tribes. Their lack of unity is a problem, but divine powers and pure strength make up for it. Nimble is an abomination, created by all of humankind to assist humans in various ways. However, things went wrong, and machine learning became an unstoppable way of gathering and structuring information, forming an enormous threat to humankind and Origon.

The game consists of Hero Cards, Minion Cards, and Taunt Minion Cards. Hero Cards are the main cards with 30 starting health, and when it dies, the game is over. Each Hero card has abilities that can be used once per round for a fixed mana cost. Minion Cards can be used on the playfield, have health, attack, and mana cost indicators, and a description of their ability. Taunt Minion Cards are nearly the same as normal minion cards, except they need to be prioritized by all direct attacks from the enemy.

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