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Chains Of The Eternals

Chain of the Eternals is the first open-world NFT MMORPG built on Arbitrum.

Chain of the Eternals NFT GAME

Chain of the Eternals is the first open-world NFT MMORPG built on Arbitrum. The game has its isometric 3D graphics and a unique aesthetic style which will provide a new graphical gaming experience to players. PVE and PVP battles, in-game quests, crafting, and harvesting mechanics are all available to players as ways to earn rewards and loot.

In this game, Players will need to choose their character classes, there are distinct traits and abilities of all 10 classes. Players also have to pick between 4 different elements which their characters will be based upon, also ownable land and properties in the form of the metaverse, as well as a companion pet system for the players. 15 immersive and distinctive zones are included in this game where players may fight. Then players can choose between two game modes: PVE and PVP. In PVE, through 15 different zones, the players will engage in combat with foes who will drop resources, special items, and KASH. While in PVP players may participate in faction battles and receive additional rewards and KASH tokens, players can deposit or stake their in-game tokens. They may also take off quests to earn rewards, loot, and claim bounties. In COTE, the players can take on other materials using tools to craft items and gather resources, which can then be sold in exchange for KASH and yield rewards.

This game has two tokens used: the $COTE token will act as its governance token and $KASH will be its in-game currency. Players can gain $KASH by engaging in gameplay activities like PVE, and PVP faction combat, as well as, completing quests, crafting items, and gathering resources. With Chain of Eternals, players will be able to experience a new kind of MMORPG that will give them a unique kind of MMORPG experience while also earning.

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