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A free-to-play monster taming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where you can earn various reward tiers. Challenge other players in a 3D world and create your own squad of Chainmons.

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What is Chainmonsters?

Chain Monsters is a fast-growing MMORPG, popularly known as Chainmon. It is a wordplay on the monsters available on the blockchain. Chainmonsters works on the flow blockchain that brings fast transactions and reduced gas fees, keeping the game highly affordable and efficient to play.

The game is set in Ancora, a 3D world full of Chainmons. Your objective is to find the monsters, defeat them in battle, collect them, challenge other players, rise on the leaderboard. There are over 161 different types of Chainmonsters available. Furthermore, with different variations and mutations, the availability of Chainmonsters significantly increases. The game is free-to-play and play-to-learn with a player-driven economy system on blockchain.

How to play

As the game revolves around fighting and collecting Chain Monsters, you will need at least one to begin the game. Your Chainmonsters will also level up in the game, giving them higher attributes and more skills.

  • The game uses turn-based combat against the opponents (PVP and PVE, both).
  • Each skill will use specific energy points for Chain Monsters to use. Higher power skills will use more points.
Everything you own in the game belongs to use as an NFT. From the Chain Monsters to the clothes, even a pebble in your inventory will appear in your Wallet. You will need the MetaMask wallet, at least, to play the game and not lose progress.

Chainmonsters tokens

There isn’t any cryptocurrency or an in-game currency that Chainmonsters currently work with. The game relies on NFTs. Players will buy, collect, and mint new NFTs and trade them in the Marketplace. However, one can expect the game to add some form of currency, even without the real-life monetary games.

  • There are different variations of monsters like Shadow and Crystal. While these won’t boost anything for your Chainmonsters, they give visual tweaks.
  • There is a breeding and mutation system in the game. When you breed two different Chainmonsters, it will create a new one. This also applies to two different variations. This will increase the availability of unique NFTs in the game.
  • You can purchase everything in the game’s market. There are clothes, power-up items, food items, restorative items and much more.

How to buy and sell Chainmonsters token

Primarily, you will find NFTs on the built-in marketplace. You will have to use a wallet (Blocto) for the transfer of funds and the purchase of NFTs. However, as these NFTs exist in your blockchain, you can also add them to OpenSea to trade them. Many users are selling their Chainmonsters NFTs in a similar way.

Join a guild

You can conveniently play Chainmonsters as a single player. However, if you want to enhance your reward pool and unlock the full potential of the game, forming a group would be ideal. There are group quests, dungeons and raids in the game that will require you to have a specific group of players.  You can form a group with friends, or you can join Balthazar.

Balthazar is a new league of NFT players across the blockchain. You can join and become a member of Balthazar and call yourself a Wizard. This brings you an array of opportunities:

  • You can apply and earn scholarship programs to start your journey on any NFT game that you would like.
  • If you already own assets in some other games, you can exchange them or even lend them to other players for a stable flow of income.
The objective of Balthazar is to build a highly-sustaining wealth-building ecosystem that has players from across the world.


Is Chainmonsters same as Pokemon?

Chainmonsters are not pokemon on the blockchain. Although you can see heavy inspirations, you stand a chance to get banned on the official Discord, and even from the game, if you compare it to Pokemon. There are many different factors and segments in the game. While it is inspired by Pokemon Games, it is not one.

Can your Chainmonsters evolve?

Yes. There are mutations, breeding, and evolutions available for Chainmonsters in the game. However, there isn’t any specific guide or information available on how to acquire them. It can be assumed that as your Chainmonsters level up, you will unlock the potential and new abilities for them to develop and also evolve.

How to earn on Chainmonsters?

You will have to rely on buying, minting and selling NFTs to make any profit on Chainmonsters. It doesn’t have any in-game cryptocurrency for the players right now. This also keeps the game mainly free to play as you might not have to invest extensively in a Chainmonster to begin your journey.

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