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Chain of Alliance

Chain of Alliance is a role-playing and strategy blockchain game in a science fiction and fantasy setting.

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Max Supply 2,000,000,000

Chain of Alliance NFT GAME

Chain of Alliance is a role-playing and strategy blockchain game in a science fiction and fantasy setting. Its gameplay lets players experience a new style of game that they have not tried before, where the roles of characters can be well utilized to increase and optimize the earning potential in the game.

There are three game roles that players can be used: Adventurers, Landlords, and Creators. The main game revolves around characters combating and exploring the Chain of Alliance’s lands. The fragments, like the head, torso, limbs, and legs, with distinctive characteristics and stats, are used to form characters. Also, a character’s stats are determined by their species, the class they were given, and the equipment they are wearing. By playing the game, adventurers hope to unlock and construct character fragments, items, and consumables. Also, they acquire experience points, which are then used to level up characters and ultimately enhance the player’s team. The landlords are property owners who acquired land through land sales. Landlords will have the ability to build arenas upon the game’s launch, it is where users can engage in PVP battles to claim rewards and experience points. The experience of the landlords will heavily rely on land management. Players will find using a Landlords Arena more exciting as the land is better managed. The Creator is the third role in the game, it is where players in the Chain of Alliance will have the option to design their own campaigns and stories. They will be able to leverage the API of the game, as well as other players’ staked and offered characters and land.

This game uses the Chain of Alliance ($COA) token, which will serve as the game currency, Players may earn it from winning their games and from rewards, and they can also use it to upgrade, and claim exclusive features and skins. Chain of Alliance’s gameplay brings players various gaming experiences that players may choose from, from adventure to being a game maker to being a story maker, this brings the best game roles available in all games.

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