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Chain Myth

Chain Myth is a play-to-earn, five-versus-five-player game with FPS and MOBA mechanics combined.

Price $0.27
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $274,382,887
Volume(24h) 28,537
24h % Change -2.51
Circulating Supply 0.00 MYTH
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

Chain Myth NFT GAME

Chain Myth is a play-to-earn, five-versus-five-player game with FPS and MOBA mechanics combined. This is a new and exciting game where players will enjoy using heroes with guns who have skills that they can use to maximize their own gameplay.

In this game, players will be cast out in an arena where there will be two teams, each with their own role. One team will have to plant the bomb and make it explode in two certain regions on the map, while the other team has to defend it or try defusing the bomb that was planted. Players will be using guns that will be bought in the game, and they also have unique skills that, once activated, can be used to their advantage. The winning team will have points added to their score, and winning the game requires one of the teams to have a higher score when the game reaches 10 rounds. Different game modes are playable in the game, like the farming mode that lets players farm to empower their characters. Heroes in the game are like DOTA characters in that there are various kinds of heroes in the game that players may choose as well as their abilities that have distinct elements, such as wind, fire, and water. Each hero has their own major traits like strength, agility, and intelligence, as well as roles such as tanker, carry, support, hard support, and mid.

Chain Myth in-game currency uses the $MYTH token, it is also used to purchase in-game materials that players may use for their advantage, like upgrades, skins, tools and etc. This game offers a new kind of gameplay that makes for a complex but thrilling game as players can use their character’s stats to their advantage to outplay their opponents.

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