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CATBOTICA is a collection of digital assets set on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • ETH


CATBOTICA is a collection of digital assets set on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFT (non-fungible token) collectibles can be utilized in blockchain games in the metaverse. Each Catbot will be minted as ERC-721 which allows each of them to be unique from each other. These 2D NFTs will unlock earning opportunities for its owners through the future CATBOTICA utility token which they can use in various special transactions and other assets and games of CATBOTICA to be released.

The Catbots are created using 20 different properties, attributes or traits, with no two of them being exactly the same. These attributes are background, base, base attachment, back, tail, right shoulder, right paw, torso, legs, left shoulder, head, ears, whiskers, muzzle, eyes, clothing, left paw, accessory, handheld, and headgear. The rarity of each Catbots is defined on how rare their attributes are. Each of the mentioned attributes have corresponding variation – background (22) , base (30), base attachment (16), back (1), tail (20), right shoulder (1), right paw (16), torso (21), legs (97), left shoulder (1), head (1), ears (25), whiskers (19), muzzle (25), eyes (32), clothing (104), left paw (16), accessory (21), handheld (23), and headgear (58). All 2D Catbots will have the same back, shoulder, and head since these attributes only have 1 variation.

These 2D Catbots have their own transformed 3D versions named Replicats. Every 2D Catbot can produce one Replicat inheriting its traits. A combination of five Replicats generates a Replicatron – a larger mecha-catbot. Players can choose to either hold, play, or upgrade their Replicats.

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