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Cat Fight

Cat Fight is a multiplayer survival and fighting game built on SOLANA blockchain.

  • Solana

Cat Fight NFT Game

Cat Fight is a multiplayer survival and fighting game built on SOLANA blockchain. The game is created using Unreal Engine 5 incorporated with the play-to-earn (P2E) concept. Cat Fight offers an array of items that can be turned into NFTs (non-fungible tokens) where they can be utilized in staking, trading, selling, or other in-game features. Some of these NFTS are Avatars, Weapons, Clothes, and Plot land. Players will be represented by Avatars in the game where each of them is unique and possess different values. Some of the weapons skins available in the game are knives, swords, handguns, shotguns, rifles, melee weapons and such. Avatars can also be personalized by the players through equipping them with Clothes and accessories. To further enhance their gaming experience, players can acquire a land that will give them additional gaming opportunities within the island of Cat Fight.

Citizens of the Cat Fight Island will be earning through its token, $CATF. These tokens can be acquired through selling NFTs, obtaining rewards for staking, or the weekly leaderboard or RP ranking. Rating Points (RP), when earned, will provide players with new gaming features.

Players will be left alone in the deserted island of MEOWELL island where their survival falls upon their own hands. Each player must survive by doing everything they can to go back home – hunting, harvesting resources, crafting items, growing crops, construction of shelters, participating in a combat, and more. In the island, there are mystery boxes that the players can find as they explore the place that contains special tools and materials that they can utilised for survival.

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