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Cardano Warriors

Cardano Warriors is an adventure RPG game built on the Cardano Blockchain.

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Cardano Warriors NFT Game

Cardano Warriors is an adventure RPG game built on the Cardano Blockchain. Players explore the medieval Kingdom of Acandor, collect, forge, and upgrade items, and face unique challenges to become the legendary Cardano Warrior. The game uses blockchain technology, allowing players to monetize their achievements and earn money by exchanging in-game items and other services.

Players in the League of Empires blockchain game starts off with starter buildings, initial units, and some resources. There are four kinds of resources that players can gather: Food, Wood, Stone, and Metal. Food can be obtained from foraging, fishing, and farming. Wood for chopping down trees. Stone and metal from mining. Players can use these resources to train new units that will gather more resources or build more types of buildings. The starting goal is to build a strong economy with a constant income stream of all four resources and prepare for building a strong military. rnrnCombat troops in this play-to-earn game belong to one of these types: Infantry, Cavalry, Siege Weapons and War ships. Infantry are warriors on foot that can have swords, arrows, and basic weapons. Cavalry are warriors on horseback. Siege Weapons are massive weapons like catapults and heavy artillery. War Ships are the largest troops containing weapons and other troops. Ultimately, these armies should be sent off to destroy enemy structures. Players should make sure to eradicate all buildings that can generate units and all units that can construct buildings to ensure victory over the enemies. $LOE is the digital native cryptocurrency of LOE and it can be used for in-game purchases.

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