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Own and grow your plantation in Metaverse with CanaBoyz. Turn into a criminal syndicate and compete for territories in this play to earn an NFT game that has many promising prospects.

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What Is CanaBoyz?

At a glance, CanaBoyz appears to be one of the classic tycoon-styled games or a farming game. You will buy seeds, plant them, and then wait for the crops to grow. During the growth phase, you will also water or use various artifacts to boost them. In turn, you will profit from KUSH (the game’s currency).

The game offers four Mafia groups: Afros, Yakuza, Russian, and Italians. You can have any kind of crime syndicate. However, the game isn’t limited to just farming. You can grow your plantation or open a Coffee Shop.

Coffee Shop is a franchise system that works as a player-owned marketplace in the game. Any NFT trading takes place in these marketplaces. Furthermore, the game is set to have PVP additions and even the Tournament-styled game as it develops.

How To Play?

There are four types of NFT Characters: Grower, Seller, Fighter, and Boss. You will need all four to operate your business optimally. However, these are not essential to begin the game. You will start the game by following these steps:

  1. Choose A Coffee Shop

First, you will select one of the player-owned coffee shops. The owner of the coffee shop determines the terms, like the profit they will make on sales and other aspects. Players will come and buy seeds as they like.

  1. Buy Your Seeds

There are different kinds and categories of seeds. The seeds start at a $100 USD investment, which isn’t impacted by cryptocurrency’s changing status. You will need a minimum of USD 100 to begin the game by buying a seed. Once you do so, your plantation will begin, as well.

  1. Take Care Of Your Farm

Next, it is all about taking care of your crops. You can fertilise them, use artifacts and more.

  1. Expand Your Business

Hire growers and seller NFT characters to gain additional boosts and profits. You will also need fighters to secure your crops from various raids and in-game elements. Finally, as you earn a profit, you can invest more to grow your business.

If you accumulate enough funds, you can even open a Coffee Shop.

  1. Grow A Syndicate

The next step will be all about growing the number of members and expanding your syndicate. As you grow your members, you will grow in power, and this will help in the future PVP and Tournament aspects of the game.

  1. Expand The Domain

CanaBoyz will introduce a Map for players to explore in the Metaverse. This will correlate to territories and domains for players to acquire and hold.

CanaBoyz Tokens

Apart from the character NFTs mentioned so far, there will be two in-game tokens that will be available for the users:

  • KUSH: This one will make up most of the game’s premises. You will start earning it immediately, and everything will rely on it.
  • CNB: In correlation to Binance Smart Chain, CNB will be available for players to use to purchase in-game items. However, it is not interchangeable with KUSH and other things. You can only use it to invest in the game.

How To Buy CanaBoyz Tokens?

It doesn’t seem like the game will plan on having secondary marketplaces. At least, not for seeds. It wants to promote and use the Coffee Shops. These allow players to own and run marketplaces.

Meanwhile, NFT minting and acquisition would be available on the official marketplace and the secondary marketplaces for acquiring your troops.

Play In Guild

Initially, CanaBoyz isn’t just about growing your business but also about forming alliances and growing your Mafia Faction. For that, you will need real-life alliances, as there is a lot of money involved.

Balthazar brings you an opportunity to join and become a Wizard. You can share your NFT assets to acquire stable income or apply for scholarships to acquire better NFTs to reap the rewards.

Balthazar is a sustainable wealth-building community and an NFT platform.


Which Blockchain Does CanaBoyz NFT Use?

CanaBoyz game runs on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It also supports the CNB token for the players.

Is CanaBoyz Free To Play And Play To Earn?

CanaBoyz offers mining and farming-style gameplay for stable income generation. However, it requires at least 100 USD investment for you to begin playing.

Can You Mix The NFT Characters In The Team?

There isn’t any clear guideline, except that there are basic NFT characters and then the ones divided into four different factions. You shouldn’t have any problem mixing them a bit.

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