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Boss Fighters

A spectacular gaming show that combines the world of VR players with PC players with play-to-earn opportunities. The NFT game is one of a kind with a lot of potential to explore, including watch-to-earn.

  • Solana

What Is Boss Fighters?

Boss Fighters combines the aspects of the VR games with the PC games and almost a gameplay streaming (Viewing) for an exciting and new prospect. In Boss Fighters, people with VR systems can take the role of the boss in an arena. Meanwhile, people with PC systems take the role of the Rowdie fighters. The team of fighters will fight against the boss, and only one side will survive.

Meanwhile, others can watch the exhilarating fighting experience, almost as if sitting in the arena. Boss Fighters is a game that combines various ideas into a single NFT project to truly realise the potential of the Metaverse and blockchain technology.

How To Play?

The game will work like an arena or PVP game where one side will have a single-player posing as the boss, with VR controls. On the other side, we will have Boss Fighter Rowdies, a team of players, against the boss. There will also be spectators (real people) as the game combines the Game show experience.

Boss Gameplay

To become a massive boss, a player needs to have a VR system. They will have the freedom to control their boss’s movements and abilities. The boss has various powerful abilities, like electrocuting opponents or smashing them around with a massively powerful body.

They have physics playing a massive role, which they could either use to take advantage of, or it could turn into a drawback.

Fighters Gameplay

To become a fighter, players will have to invest in the unique Boss Fighter Rowdies NFTs. These will open an opportunity for them to play as those characters. Each character will have unique abilities and traits that you can use while you fight against the boss.

Teamwork will be pivotal as a group of fighters stand against the boss. However, unlike the boss, players are limited to having PC controls and interactivity.

There will be fixed controls and maneuvers to try as a character. This can work brilliantly as physics won’t play as big of a role, and simultaneously, you could have fascinating teamwork.

Tokens In Boss Fighters

The team behind Boss Fighters is working on many NFTs. These include:

  • The Boss Fighter Rowdies: Genesis and official NFTs of Rowdie fighters that the players can mint and hold to gain access to the game and play as a character.
  • Arena Stars NFT: Unique and next-level game characters that are one-of-a-kind with interesting stories and more.
  • Big Bad Boss NFT: The final stage where boss NFTs and development will be available.

The NFTs also work with various segments like skins, abilities, and more. So, each NFT will be unique with a random combination of various traits and abilities.

The game also has Utility Token:

  • $BFT: The Boss Fight Token ($BFT) is an in-game utility that you will use to buy things, upgrade a character, and abilities, mint new ones, or do everything else.

The game is also working on other assets like Game Passes and many other utilities for the NFTs and $BFT token to provide an enriched experience to the players worldwide.

How To Buy Boss Fighters Tokens

There is a built-in market in the game where users can use fiat currency to purchase Token ($BFT) or the NFT assets. The game will run on the Solana blockchain, so you could invest in that cryptocurrency for better rewards later for the in-game experience.

As there are NFTs, the Boss Fighters Tokens will be available in the secondary marketplace eventually after presale, airdrop, and releases.

Play In Guild

Teamwork is the key to success in Boss Fighters. What can be better than joining the game and promoting teamwork? Become a Wizard of Balthazar and get lucrative scholarships. Similarly, the game supports NFT lending, and you can take advantage to reign supreme.

Join Balthazar. A fast-growing wealth-building guild in the NFT platform.


Which Blockchain Does Boss Fighters Use?

Boss Fighters use Solana Blockchain and support crypto wallets. It will have a built-in marketplace that allows you to use fiat currency.

How Can You Earn Money In Boss Fighters?

Boss Fighters will have NFTs for users to invest in and sell. There will be $BFT that players will earn as they play. The audience, those who watch, will also have Watch2Earn possibilities. The game is also free to play, and you get three characters, to begin with.

When Will Boss Fighters Release?

Boss Fighters will begin taking the course in Q4 2022, and the game will release anywhere around Q1 2023.

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