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Bomb Crypto

Free the kingdom from attacks of the monsters and manage your bomber heroes in this play-to-earn game. Choose between Adventure and Arena Battle modes to earn NFT items and trade it in the marketplace to earn.

  • BSC
Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $175,649
Volume(24h) 610
24h % Change 0.30
Circulating Supply 0.00 BCOIN
Max Supply 100,000,000

What is Bomb Crypto?

Bomb Crypto brings you the classic experience of the bomber games, but with a twist of earning cryptocurrency. You have a pixel-based NFT game that uses a single currency (token) in the entire setup. There are several heroes to collect (around 500) and upgrade for you to play the game. With the easy to understand gameplay and straightforward wallet uses, it is a game almost anyone can play.

While it was initially available as a web game for PC users, it is also available for Android users. Soon, it will also launch iOS to cover a wide range of players globally.

How to play

The game uses a play-to-earn mechanism. However, you will need at least 10 BCOIN in your wallet to start playing. It is roughly the cost of unlocking one hero in the game. After that, you can explore and mine the world of Bomb Crypto to earn more BCOINs or find heroes. Here is how to play:

There are three different gameplay options available for you: Treasure Hunt, Story And Battle Modes.

  • The Treasure Hunt Mode works automatically. You will dispatch a hero to explore the mines and combat various monsters. It works on RNG (automatic) gameplay and would rely on the hero’s attributes to finish. In treasure hunt mode, you can find BCOINS and rescue damaged heroes that will recover and be available for you to use.
  • Story Mode allows you to enjoy the game actively. In this mode, you will rely on the skills to defeat every monster on each level to progress further. There is also a chance for you to discover BCOINs.
  • Battle Mode will allow players to wager BCOINs and battle against each other. The winner will get the rewards.

Bomb Crypto also incorporates many other enticing features for you. For instance, players can own a house where heroes can rest and recover energy faster. Energy converts to stamina for you to play on each level.You can also upgrade heroes to increase their attribute points. Each hero has attributes that add to their bomb’s power and range, also the speed of the heroes, among other things.

Bomb Crypto tokens

The game will have only one Token, BCOINS. It works on the BEP-20 blockchain for high security and fast transactions. BCOINS will enable players to do everything a token does:

  • You can play and earn more BCOINs in the game.
  • All the in-game utilities are available for BCOINs. You can buy houses, heroes, upgrades, and much more.
  • You can also use BCOINs for staking.

Apart from BCOINs, the in-game NFTs are the heroes. These heroes are customisable, and you can have unique ones. There is a dedicated marketplace for you to trade these heroes. You can also rescue heroes in-game or buy them for a price to use them through packs and such.

How to buy and sell Bomb Crypto tokens?

The game will have around 100 million BCOINs total. These will be available for you to mine by playing the game. Other methods allow you to buy BCOINs from popular exchanges. It is available on CoinMarketCap, Dapp Radar, CoinGecko for listing and ranking. You can also find it on other prominent exchanges like PancakeSwap, BKEX, ONUS, MEXC. So, you won’t have any problems finding them.

However, heroes are primarily available on the built-in marketplace. You will have to rely on it to find or buy heroes. There will be drops and packs available from time to time for players

Play in a guild

Bomb Crypto brings you several automated features. But what if you miss the chance to buy the pack drops? You can always auction at the Marketplace. However, if you lack any method, you can always join Balthazar. The NFT gaming platform brings you the opportunity to claim scholarships. Through them, you can build a self-sustaining and highly lucrative ecosystem for NFT games.

The community works together, and you can even lend your NFTs and other assets to receive a stable profit.


What are the platforms Bomb Crypto supports?

Currently, Bomb Crypto supports all PCs as it supports Web Browsers (macOS and Windows). It is also available for Android users. Soon, it will be available for iOS users, as well. You can enjoy cross-platform compatibility without any issues

What is the cost of Bomb Crypto token?

Bomb Crypto currently costs around 0.33 cents per unit. There is a fixed amount. It is bound to have a steady growth. However, there won’t be any exponential volatility that would skyrocket the price. Overall, it is a stable play to earn tokens.

How many heroes can you own in Bomb Crypto?

Each account can have as many as 500 heroes. However, you can only play with 15 maximum in the game. There will be 5,000 houses in total for players to own. Even without homes, heroes will recover energy, albeit slower.

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