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Blockstars is a music business simulation game where players make their own Blockstars bands and run them.

  • Solana
Price $0.01
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $0
Volume(24h) 406
24h % Change 6.06
Circulating Supply 0.00 ROC

Blockstars NFT Game

Blockstars is a music business simulation game where players make their own Blockstars bands and run them. Players can make money in the game by performing in gigs and busking, as well as writing, recording, and releasing singles, compiling albums of their greatest hits, and writing and recording new songs. Additionally, they have the opportunity to advance their skills and ultimately launch their own record label.

The game enables players of all skill levels, from novice to expert, to compete against one another for positions on leaderboards based on a variety of factors that enable competition across a wide range of play styles. Winners of time-limited competitions in a variety of categories are awarded prizes in the form of $ROC, the primary SPL currency used in the game and stored on the Solana blockchain. Major game actions, such as purchasing and selling Blockstars and other in-game NFT assets, as well as determining governance structure, require the use of $ROC as the primary currency.

Each Blockstar has a maximum potential across a number of different attributes, and players can grow their abilities by completing certain in-game activities and by simply playing the game. Additionally, they have emotional states and instrumental abilities, both of which influence their performances. Blockstars have financial contracts that are written in stone in the form of a smart contract. Their bands anticipate receiving a minimum wage in addition to a percentage share of their overall earnings. In addition to that, there is a second form of in-game currency known as $ROL that can be used for performing fundamental gameplay activities. Blockstars is a blockchain-based gaming platform that gives users the ability to have true possession of in-game assets as well as a true ownership stake in the development of the Blockstars future roadmap.

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