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Bird Tornado is a simple shooting game that everyone may play.

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Price $0.00
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $454,160
Volume(24h) 82,652
24h % Change 76.09
Circulating Supply 0.00 TND
Max Supply 20,000,000,000,000,000
Total Supply 17,000,000,000,000,000

Bird Tornado NFT Game

Bird Tornado is a simple shooting game that everyone may play. It is the first Hyper-Casual Shooting game released by the Blockchain gaming platform WEMIX. It is also easy to control and also simply takes a few seconds to figure out how to play the game. Bird Tornado also has a coin called TORNADO that you can earn by playing the game.

Bird Tornado is an NFT game mobile game where the players just have to avoid the bullet curtain and shoot creatures, by simply moving the figure left and right. In this Web 3 game, players will see numerous bird creatures with odd faces, as well as the hunters hunting them and horrifying bosses. There are three contents that can strengthen the character, make you rich, and test your abilities, and these are the Boss Battle, Lucky Chance, and Potential Upgrade. In Boss Battles, players will play every stage, and for every stage that the players clear, the boss gets extremely difficult. In this battle mode, you can earn rubies, golden keys, EXP, and also coins. In Lucky Chance, players have a chance to win gold and a maximum of 200,000 TORNADO. But players must have five golden keys to be able to spin the wheel of fortune. Five keys per spin and if you have a lot of keys then players can spin more and get more rewards. The last one is Potential Upgrade, where players can upgrade their weapon’s damage, critical chance, reload speed, and many more. This will make it easier for the player to take down the bird creatures. Players can obtain one potential upgrade every time they level up. The upgrade potential is random, so if the players spend Ruby, players will be allowed to double the upgrade potential.

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