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Big Time

BigTime is a multiplayer action RPG game that takes players on an adventure through time and space.

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BigTime NFT Game

BigTime is a multiplayer action RPG game that takes players on an adventure through time and space. It combines fast-paced combat with an exploration of ancient mysteries and futuristic civilizations. Players can pick up rare NFT loot and tokens as they battle their way through history and decorate their avatar and personal time machine called space. BigTime also features a fully player-owned economy, allowing players to produce, collect, trade, or lend scarce in-game items.

In the game’s economy, players can produce and trade cosmetic and utility digital collectibles, such as skins for weapons and armor or functional items placed in their personal Space. By acquiring space and utility NFTs such as the Armory, Forge, or Time Warden, players can participate in the crafting economy. These are required in the manufacture of cosmetic collectibles and hourglasses. Hourglasses are rare artifacts that allow players to earn $TIME Tokens while playing the game. Players can spend $TIME tokens.

BigTime also offers Early Access Passes through VIP Pass NFTs, which allow players to experience the game before the free-to-play global launch and collect rare utility and cosmetic NFTs at a higher drop rate. Aside from that, BigTime offers four different character classes for players to choose from, each with its unique playstyle and abilities. The classes are Time Warrior, Chronomancer, Quantum Fixer, and Shadowblade. The game also features Pocket Watches that allow players to switch between classes during gameplay and progress through each class at their own pace. With endless possibilities and content available to all players without additional fees, BigTime promises an exciting and rewarding experience for anyone looking for an action-packed adventure through time and space.

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