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BFK Warzone

A 2D Shooting Game with team matches in the play-to-earn setup. The NFT game takes inspiration from classic games with enthralling gameplay, rankings, and interesting NFTs known as Fortis.

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What Is BFK Warzone?

Formerly known as Baby Fort Knox, BFK Warzone is a 2D, Side-scrolling battle royale, PVP game. It is inspired by another early-age smartphone game known as Mini Militia. You choose a character called Fortis that belongs to one of the factions – Special Forces, Navy, Paratroopers, Snipers, etc.,

BFK Warzone is a Binance Smart Chain NFT game where you start and play for free or choose to invest. Either way, you will have Play-To-Earn incentives ready for you with a vast collection of tokens.

How To Play?

The game is officially available only for Web Client, PCs primarily. You will have to visit the official website to register and start playing.

  • There is a legacy character, C.Draxis, available for you to use and play for free. You can choose to browse the NFT market and select a different character and purchase them.
  • In the game, you can level up and progress your characters, unlock more skills, and such. Once you upgrade a character’s skills and ranks, you may choose to sell them in the NFT Marketplace or keep using them.
  • You will also have a default weapon to start and play with. If you don’t like it, you can purchase more weapons, different weapons too.
  • The game modes require at least two players, one on each side. There are 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 game modes.
  • There are also Ranked Games, Team Coop Stake, and Event Modes in the game.


On your Keywoboard:

  • The Left and Right keys are for movement.
  • Space Bar is to Jump.
  • Left CTRL is for crouching.
  • Q is to throw a grenade.
  • The mouse holds cursor control and the aim of the character.
  • Left-click to shoot and right to reload.

BFK Warzone Tokens

Players acquire rewards for ranking or winning the game each round. These rewards are crypto or in-game currency based, which you can use to earn more and accumulate monetary values.

Meanwhile, the primary selling point and profit maker for the game are the characters and weapon NFTs. Each character is a unique NFT that you can customize and level up, then sell on the marketplace.

Similarly, weapons are available as NFTs for you to trade. There are also unique Knox cards like Speed, Horizon, and more, all of which hold some value and utility in the game.

There are Infinity Knox Cards that work like membership NFTs. Users that hold them get armory boosts, among other rewards, all lined up for them.

How To Buy BFK Warzone Tokens?

BFK Warzone cryptocurrency is available on CoinTiger, and will soon have a listing on PancakeSwap. Meanwhile, it is available on Binance Smart Chain, so you can invest in BNB tokens, as well.

The NFTs are available in the games built-in marketplace. They aren’t available in any secondary market just yet. So, you will have to check them out there.

Play In Guild

Bigger team battles mean bigger rewards, especially with Team Reward System. If you are looking for trustworthy companions, Balthazar can be your guild. Balthazar is working on building a highly flourishing and fruitful NFT platform that can provide methods to generate wealth for a long time to time.

These include scholarships, NFT lending, and more. So, you can participate and become a member of a rapidly growing community today by becoming a Wizard of Balthazar.


Which Blockchain Does BFK Warzone Use?

BFK Warzone uses Binance Smart Chain. However, it plans on becoming cross-chain with other on-par blockchains like Solana. The team also plans on using Ethereum eventually to store the assets for added security. There are still tokens and other assets under development.

When Will BFK Warzone Release?

BFK Warzone has been available for users to connect, join and play on the PC since January 2022. The iOS and Android versions are currently under development. You will need to have a web browser, like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Brave, for the game to work.

Is BFK Warzone Worth Playing?

Every new NFT Project takes time to take off the ground. Each project comes with an opportunity for earning, and if you know how to use them, you can reap benefits. BFK Warzone will strongly rely on community and the perceived value of NFT to have a sustainable play-to-earn mechanism. They are also working on adding crypto rewards.

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