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Berserk is an action-packed blockchain collectible card game (CCG) set in the Vulcan Universe.

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Berserk NFT Game

Berserk is an action-packed blockchain collectible card game (CCG) set in the Vulcan Universe. In this competitive game, players battle powerful creatures, spells, and weapons. In this article, we’ll look at Berserk’s gameplay mechanics, such as how to read cards, deck building, and the game’s currency. Furthermore, we will look at the PvP and PvE modes and how they work in the game.

In the game, players begin with a basic deck of five cards and can customize it to their liking. During the Mulligan phase, players can replace cards from their starting hand. Each turn in the game has three phases: Start of Turn, Main Phase, and End of Turn. Players play cards with lava, which is replenished at the start of each turn up to a maximum of ten. Blessing, Poison, and Undead are just a few of the effects that can be applied to cards. To test and improve their deck, players must learn to use their resources wisely and study other players and their cards. Berserk NFT’s in-game currency is BSK. Players can earn BSK by participating in battles and the game developers’ various reward programs and promotions. BSK can also be used to buy and upgrade cards, as well as to participate in battles. BSK can also be purchased and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Berserk is an intriguing CCG game that combines PvP and PvE gameplay. Players can create decks and battle other players in real-time battles, or they can participate in campaigns and challenges against computer-controlled opponents. Players can use BSK as in-game currency to purchase and upgrade cards, as well as participate in various battles and events. By mastering the game’s mechanics, players can build powerful decks and rise through the ranks to become the Vulcan Universe’s ultimate champion.

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