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Beast Garden

Beast Garden is an NFT game operating on the WAX blockchain.

  • WAX

Beast Garden NFT Game

Beast Garden is an NFT game operating on the WAX blockchain. Players in the game use in-game currencies like BGALPHA and BGWATER to engage in PvP or PVE mode battles against other players. There are various types of NFTs, such as beasts, springs, plants, and fruits, for players to select from with varying rarity levels and abilities.

Players in the Beast Garden must first acquire at least three beasts. These can be bought from other users on Atomic Hub, a marketplace for NFTs. Once players have their beasts, they can log into the Beast Garden website and begin playing. In PVP mode, players battle against other trainers’ beasts, while in PVE mode they fight enemies generated by the game itself. As players win battles, they earn BGALPHA and BGWATER, which can be used for purchasing more beasts, evolving existing ones, or purchasing other resources within the game. Furthermore, disenchanting other NFTs earns SHARDS that allow further upgrading of one’s NFTs.

The game has a battle pass that lets players earn rewards by completing different tasks and challenges. There are various methods of earning in the game, such as hunting, feeding and evolving beasts, auction and earning bounty. Hunting allows users to search for rare beasts to claim them as their own; feeding and evolving them increases their strength and capabilities so they’re better equipped for battles. Also, bounty rewards come from defeating specific monsters and the auction of houses allows them to trade NFT with other players for extra earnings.

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