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Barbarian Merge

Barbarian Merge, developed by Wemade, is a play-to-earn blockchain game that combines strategy and collectibles.

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Price $1.02
Market Cap $324,733,411
Fully Diluted Market Cap $993,521,141
Volume(24h) 3,855,106
24h % Change -5.44
Circulating Supply 318,600,538.17 WEMIX
Total Supply 974,757,632

Barbarian Merge NFT Game

Barbarian Merge, developed by Wemade, is a play-to-earn blockchain game that combines strategy and collectibles. Players can create powerful barbarians by merging different elements and competing against others for rewards and leaderboard positions. Built on the WEMIX platform, Barbarian Merge has a strong foothold in the competitive blockchain gaming industry.

In the game, players guide their barbarian character through a world filled with demons and monsters. The objective is to defeat these foes and obtain powerful equipment and weapons to strengthen the barbarian. The merge format allows players to create equipment by combining similar-shaped objects obtained from monster battles. Synthesizing equipment of the same tier can produce higher-tier pieces. Players can also learn skills to improve their demon-slaying abilities. The game includes a story mode, a raid format to take on large demons, and a PVP mode to compete against other users. Mini-games like board game, where players can purchase items, and timing action game that upgrades tools, are also available.

Barbarians can level up and upgrade their weapons, shields, helms, and boots by merging them. Players can reap rewards from each victory and equip the barbarian with more powerful equipment. As long as they are of the same type, new pieces of equipment can be merged to an upgraded level. Players have the option to upgrade weapons to increase attacking power or defensive gear for survivability. The game, Barbarian Merge, is optimized for mobile devices and provides an adventure RPG experience that is easy to enjoy without complex controls. The player only needs to decide which equipment parts to upgrade first and how to allocate the barbarian’s attribute points. With a barrage of abilities, players can overwhelm powerful foes and demonstrate their true strength.

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