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Balthazar Whitepaper: an NFT ecosystem for all

3 min read

Play-to-earn gaming is the fastest growing space in the crypto market and this trend will continue into 2022 and beyond. However, the upfront cost needed to access NFT games places them out of reach for many avid gamers. Balthazar, an NFT gaming platform, is bridging this gap by helping gamers access NFT games at zero cost while earning rewards. But this is no ordinary guild.

Balthazar’s Whitepaper outlines its bold vision on how it will achieve the empowerment of the biggest community of gamers to create a self-sustaining, wealth-building ecosystem for all.

What is Balthazar? 

Balthazar is an NFT gaming platform like no other. It uniquely connects gamers, scholars, investors and gaming companies. Gamers can access NFT-based games, NFT holders can access yields, crypto enthusiasts can trade and gaming companies can access a gaming community.

We remove the entry barriers for gamers to access play-to-earn games via a scholarship program. We have also built a unique rent-to-earn model where NFT owners can lend their NFTs to Balthazar for players to use, and earn a yield. 

We aim to be the largest DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) in the play-to-earn space, reflecting the sentiment of inclusive governance and growth. Our strength is in our community and we will be supporting the guild through educational initiatives and resources, coupled with training and development on blockchain gaming and crypto. 

Balthazar Gaming Ecosystem 101

Starting as a community guild, we aim to build a full-fledged ecosystem catering to multiple participant types. With a unique blend of gaming, renting, trading and borrowing NFTs, we seek to be an all-in-one gaming platform. 

An in-built NFT marketplace is also being developed for the community to purchase and sell NFTs. For game developers, Balthazar List is in the works where games can be launched directly into the community.

In less than four months of launching, the Balthazar community has over 70,000 people with more than 1,500 Wizards in our Scholarship Program and a further 35,000 people on our waitlist who are ready to play.

Earn and Learn With Balthazar

We have a distinct and inclusive model where everyone involved, irrespective of their holdings  or gaming ability, are on a level playing field with equal opportunity to learn and grow. We focus on five key pillars:

1. Balthazar Guild: Empowering the largest community of gamers to access NFTs to play and earn. Our Wizards can borrow assets from the guild to access games through our Scholarship Program. The rewards are shared between the Wizards and the guild, which is being re-invested into building the DAO.

2. Balthazar Play: A marketplace for gamers to seamlessly purchase game NFTs and use them to play and earn in blockchain-based games.

3. Balthazar Lend: Institutional investors and NFT holders can earn a yield from their in-game assets. These NFTs are lent to Balthazar which deploys them through the Balthazar Scholarship Program in return for yield. 

4. Balthazar Buy: Investors can buy NFT assets then lend them to Balthazar to deploy into games and earn a yield.

5. Balthazar List: Helping games launch into the Balthazar community.

Future of Balthazar

After closing our seed token sale of US$3 million and soon to close our private token sale round of US$8 million, Balthazar will launch the $GBB token on public exchanges as it transitions towards a fully decentralised autonomous organisation.

Its roadmap includes:

  • Expanding our reach with teams on the ground in markets across the world
  • Growing our teams to deliver on the DAO
  • Developing the technology to automate processes and systems
  • Creating an education platform
  • And launching our own gaming console concept.

You can read the current version of the roadmap here

How to get involved

To know more about Balthazar, read our whitepaper here and join us as we make giant strides towards a leading NFT ecosystem. Gamers, we welcome you to join the Balthazar guild to be a part of an inclusive gaming revolution.

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Balthazar Whitepaper: an NFT ecosystem for all

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