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Balthazar Update – May 2022

Welcome to Balthazar’s first update! 📣

Since launching in September 2021, we’ve experienced incredible growth while creating the most innovative NFT gaming platform in the world. Here’s an outline of what we’ve achieved to date:

🏰 First Token Sale

  • Our first token sale closed in January 2022 with US$3 million, which valued the DAO at US$30 million
  • Animoca Brands led the Seed Round Token Sale, along with many other incredible backers including Finder Group (through Hive Empire Capital, led by Fred Schebesta), Zip co-founder Larry Diamond, Digital Asset Capital Management (DACM), Fantom, ZED Run, Darling Ventures, Pluto Digital, San Francisco-based VC Side Door Ventures, Algorand, Rising Capital, Saltwater Ventures, eFrontier and Three Arrows Capital’s TPS Capital
  • Read more about the token sale here.

🏰 Private Round Token Sale

  • Following the Seed Round Token Sale, we launched a Private Round Token Sale, which is in the final stages of closing.
  • If you’re interested in joining the Private Token Sale, contact john@bltzr.gg – hurry, it is closing soon!

🏰 Team

  • We have expanded our team to 21 full time and about 80 distributed crew overseas, following several key new hires.
  • Our most recent hire was Luke Jech who joined the team as Gaming Content Executive.
  • We are bolstering our team with new job roles currently advertised including a Head of Community and a Web3.0 Operations Manager.
  • We are also on the hunt for talented people to fill the following roles – check out our careers page to apply:
  • Head of product
  • Product manager – launchpad
  • Product manager – lending
  • Product manager – marketplace
  • Web 3 operations manager
  • Head of community
  • DevOps manager
  • Cloud solution architect (AWS)
  • Lead product designer

🏰 Community

  • Since launch, we have seen incredible growth in our community across many social platforms. Discord is our primary channel of communication with our community, where we focus on scholarship onboarding and training, as well as maintaining a fun and active culture with events and activities. 
  • We recently launched a TikTok account and we’re excited to start making videos to engage and entertain our community soon.
  • Discord72.1K members
  • Facebook21.9K followers
  • Twitter17.8K followers
  • YouTube5K subscribers
  • TikTok3.3K followers
  • LinkedIn501 followers

🏰 Scholarship Program

  • We have 4,781 Wizards actively playing NFT games in our Scholarship Program and a further 38,774 on our waitlist.
  • We have deployed Wizards into 5 games including Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Aavegotchi, Thetan Arena and Pegaxy.
  • Since Balthazar launched, our Wizards have earnt collectively more than US$200,000!
  • We have developed scholarship management software which enables our Wizards to join games. The next iteration will be for Wizards to be able to monitor their earnings and progress.

🏰 Long-Term Scholar Incentive Program

  • Last month, we announced a world-first Long-Term Scholar Incentive Program where every Balthazar Wizard will be given US$100 worth of Balthazar tokens, vested after 12 months.
  • The program is designed to reward our Wizards for their dedication and participation in the Balthazar community. We are so proud to offer this program to our wonderful community.

🏰 Website and Brand Redesign

  • Balthazar has had a makeover with a new website and logo redesign to better facilitate our new platforms including our Marketplace where you can buy a guild in a portfolio of NFTs, portfolio dashboard, scholar dashboard and beta Launchpad.
  • You can even switch from night or day mode ☀️🌚

🏰 Research Reports

  • We launched a research hub with in-depth reports on games and game-supported blockchains, authored by our gaming Alpha team, which is led by Balthazar’s Chief Gaming Officer, Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård
  • We hit #1 on the Ethereum subreddit for our Parallel report
  • We hit #1 on the ImmutableX subreddit for our Encore report
  • 10 reports have been published to date on some of the biggest NFT games and blockchains including TezosSplinterlandsFantom FoundationAlgorandDEFYEncore and more.
  • These reports have not only provided game enthusiasts and investors with a comprehensive look inside games and blockchains, they have also given Balthazar exclusive access private round investmentment opportunities and build relationships with game developers.
  • We will be publishing more reports each month. Browse our reports here.

🏰 NFT Management Program

  • We are pleased to report that our NFT Management Program is live and we have taken it one step further with our latest innovation, “pNFTs” – a portfolio of NFTs.
  • Investors who lend their assets to Balthazar will be provided with an NFT representing ownership of their portfolio of NFT assets lent to Balthazar (pNFT). Balthazar then uses the NFT assets for its scholarship program, and deploys into games by our Wizards, who collect in-game rewards. The earnings are shared between the NFT owner, Balthazar and the Wizard.
  • Since launching the program last month, we have US$3 million in NFTs under management: $2 million in Aavegotchí assets and $1 million in Splinterlands assets
  • To kick off the program, we launched an event with Splinterlands, the number one NFT game according to DappRadar, following US$1 million in Splinterlands assets added to the program by Global Venture Capital firm, Side Door Ventures.

🏰 Beta Marketplace

  • We’re very excited to launch our Marketplace where investors can buy and sell pNFTs. These assets are unique because they can be sold with scholars attached, making it easier and potentially more valuable while earning a yield. Think about buying a guild in just a few clicks. It’s like buying an investment property with a tenant already paying rent! 
  • More details on our Marketplace coming soon, stay tuned.

🏰 Partnership: metaENGINE

  • We recently partnered with the team at metaENGINE to help game developers launch new games.
  • metaENGINE is a platform for game developers to build games in the metaverse using its suite of tools. The unique partnership will allow game developers to access Balthazar’s gaming community, its scholarship program, and investment opportunities.
  • Read more about the partnership here.

What’s next…

🏰 Beta Launchpad

  • The Balthazar Launchpad is currently being built. Games will be incentivised to launch on Balthazar’s launchpad through our large community of scholars and investors.
  • We’re excited to show you how holding your Balthazar tokens will unlock huge earning potential through our launchpad!


  • We’re planning to launch an Initial DAO Offering (IDO) for the Balthazar token in July 2022. The IDO will include a token allocation before it is publicly launched on exchanges.
  • Our initial launch will be done through an LBP (liquidity bootstrapping pool), specifically Copper Launch. If you’re interested in participating, make sure you register your interest here.

🏰 Balthazar Academy

  • An exciting initiative is in the works where Balthazar will be providing metaverse coaching to unlock earning opportunities in Africa. Stay tuned for more details.

🏰 Get in touch!

  • For more on Balthazar, check out our Whitepaper or head to bltzr.gg
  • Feel free to comment below with questions or enquiries

And don’t forget to subscribe to this newsletter if you’re interested to learn more and be the first to access these opportunities.

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