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Balthazar Update – June 2022

It’s been a big month for Balthazar! We’ve invested in improving our technology by consolidating our platform for a streamlined experience and we’re building a new Axie lending system to make it even easier for NFT holders to lend their assets in our NFT Management System. 

Check out our June update below to find out more latest news and announcements from one of the leading NFT gaming platforms in the world.

Private Round Token Sale

We’re close to closing our Private Round Token Sale and will have some very exciting news soon with big names joining the Balthazar revolution. If you’re interested in joining the Private Token Sale, contact john@bltzr.gg

NFT Marketplace Update

To celebrate the launch of Balthazar’s world-first pNFT Marketplace, we compiled research on five of the biggest NFT marketplaces in the world: OpenSea, LooksRare, Magic Eden, Solanart and BloctoBay.

The NFT Marketplace Update found a very strong outlook, with these marketplaces expected to see a 293% increase in sales volume combined. The five marketplaces recorded a combined US$14.33 billion in sales volume in 2021, while 2022 to date has already surpassed 2021 by 64 percent (US$23.47 billion). Based on this run rate, they are expected to reach US$56.32 billion in combined sales volume by the end of 2022.

Check out the full report here.

Beta Launchpad

The Balthazar Launchpad is ready to accept applications for projects to launch on the Balthazar platform. It’s a very exciting initiative to help game developers launch their games into the Balthazar community. The Balthazar (BZR) token is expected to go live in the coming months and a key utility will be exclusive access to Launchpad opportunities for token holders.

We’re already in talks with over 35 games interested in our platform. If you have a game project and interested in the Launchpad, click here to apply.

Research Reports:

In May, Balthazar’s Alpha Team produced five research reports on some epic gaming projects:

  • Ascenders: an open world role playing game with Unreal Engine on the Avalanche ecosystem of subnets with great potential for the future.
  • Nekoverse: a mobile cat-themed MMORPG featuring battles, resource harvesting, and crafting built on the Solana blockchain. There seems to be a lot of potential in the mobile market, and if Nekoverse can carve out its slice, it could very well be one of the leading mobile blockchain games.
  • Photo Finish Racing: a play-to-earn virtual horse game by Third Time, Inc. The team has previously built two successful horse racing games reaching 13 million downloads for mobile. This puts the team in high standing, and leaders of the market-segment.
  • Psychedelics Anonymous: an NFT Ethereum-based project of several collections with a focus on psychedelic drugs.
  • Sky Ark Chronicles: a trilogy of RPG games set in an anime-style fantasy world.

We’re in the process of developing Balthazar Research 2.0: a scoring system that leverages our standardised measurement of games. A score will provide the ability to quantify the value of a game and its potential opportunity. The measurement system will be published transparently and a breakdown of scoring will be provided for each game we report on. Highly rated games will also unlock additional utility in the Balthazar Launchpad.

Check out our research report hub to find our latest and past reports.

Scholarship Program

We’re proud to have generated over US$200,000 in combined earnings for our Wizards in the Balthazar Scholarship Program to date. We continued to scale our program in May, with 253 more Wizards joining the program. We now have 5,034 Wizards actively playing five games: Axie Infinity, Splinterlands, Aavegotchi, Thetan Arena and Pegaxy. We also have 39,027 soon-to-be Wizards on our waitlist.

May Giveaways

Every month, Balthazar runs fun comps and giveaways for its community. In May, we held a Splinterlands Fortune Friday. Each Friday we picked a lucky Wizard to win an instant US$1,000 worth of USDC.

We also held an Aavegotchi End of Month Raffle where we pick two lucky winners to receive US$1,000 each worth of USDC.

Some of our lucky winners below:

Balthazar Academy

After submitting our letter of intent to the Madigaskan Education Minister, we are moving forward with progress on establishing the Balthazar Academy in developing nations such as Madagaskar. Our mission is to help educate people in Web3 and NFT gaming to unlock potential earning opportunities. More updates on our progress in the coming months.

We’re hiring!

We have loads of exciting new roles here at Balthazar. Check out our careers page to apply:

  • Head of product
  • Product manager – launchpad
  • Product manager – lending
  • Product manager – marketplace
  • Web 3 operations manager
  • Head of community
  • DevOps manager
  • Cloud solution architect (AWS)
  • Lead product designer

Get in touch!

  • For more on Balthazar, check out our Whitepaper or head to bltzr.gg
  • Feel free to comment below with questions or enquiries
  • And don’t forget to subscribe to this newsletter if you’re interested to learn more and be the first to access these opportunities.

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