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Balthazar Research Report: Elumia and The Infinite Tower

4/10 – Below average

Pre released game score

In the Medieval Fantasy world of Legends of Elumia we find an MMORPG inspired by the greats of the genre, there are indications of a decent project and we appreciate the artwork, but there is a notable lack of information and transparency, particularly concerning the team.

Section scores

Background – 4
NFT Game Assets – 4
Website – 5.5
Artwork – 6
Team – 2
Whitepaper – 3
Socialnomics – 3.5

For more information about the scores please read – Explaining the Scoring.

About this pre-release editorial report

Our editorial research reports are separated into two categories; pre-release reports and released reports. The following research report is a pre-release report.

The pre-release editorial research reports aim to provide a thorough and holistic overview of a project in its pre-release stage. Therefore, alongside the report are our thoughts, opinions, and, if applicable, scoring of the said project from a pre-released point of view.

Our core mission is to increase the overall credibility, validity, and transparency in the GameFi space. Our reports should make it easier for both gamers and investors to find thoroughly researched information regarding the project in question.

The research reports only include publicly available information. This is a crucial aspect of the research reports as it helps further our core mission while holding the projects accountable for the information they publish publicly.

Please note that the given score in this article does not represent the quality of the game itself but rather an overall indication of the quality of the project in its entirety. A score more reflective of the game’s quality will be available in a potential future released report.

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Written by Nicholas Korsgård, Chief Gaming Officer, Kim Bjerkeli, Sigurd Thomassen, and Heidi Anette Laugsand Johansen, Game Strategist, Balthazar Alpha Team


Take me down to Elumia City where the girls are green, and the grass is pretty!

Who doesn’t love a medieval fantasy world where you can fully immerse and spend countless hours exploring and enjoying beautifully crafted worlds with intriguing lore? When we stumbled upon Legends of Elumia, it seemed this was their calling, and we knew we needed to delve further into the project and research everything we could find.

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation MMORPG. The team claims to have previously worked on big titles such as Star Citizen, Final Fantasy, and the mobile game Warhammer. The team thinks they are set apart from other games thanks to their priority on high quality. The project focuses on features for players like an abundance of fun gameplay, gaining epic loots, and immersing themselves in multiplayer adventures (in-game).

Being called “the World of Warcraft of GameFi,” will Elumia live to prove that correct?

The players in Elumia will have full ownership of their characters and equipment through NFTs, and the governance token, Elumia Crowns ($ELU), will give players a chance to impact the game’s future. The GameFi community is still looking for someone to lead the big MMORPG. Can Legends of Elumia stand a chance? 


  • Legends of Elumia is an MMORPG built on the Solana blockchain. It is set in a medieval fantasy world, where NFTs are a central part of the gameplay and economy.
  • Legends of Elumia has a dual token economy with the tokens $ELU and $EKS at its core. $ELU is the governance token, and $EKS is the in-game currency.
  • The team behind Legends of Elumia is undoxxed and unverifiable. We find seven core members listed, although they claim over 40 people are working on the game with over 80 years of combined experience.
  • Legends of Elumias’ website is nothing out of the ordinary, although it could provide some more information about the team. However, on mobile, it felt far less polished than on desktop, and it is clear that there has been little effort in optimizing it for mobile.
  • The game’s artwork is typical for an MMORPG, and although it’s not the best we’ve seen, it has a lot going for it, likely the best part of this project.
  • The whitepaper is short, outdated, and of little substance. In general, it leaves us with more questions than answers.
  • On the community and social media front, the follower count has decreased since we started keeping an eye on it. There is little activity on Twitter from the team; however, when they do post, it’s usually small spoilers from gameplay or partnerships.
  • There are a lot of unanswered questions with Legends of Elumia.


Legends of Elumia, or Elumia for short, is a next-generation computer and mobile-based massively multiplayer online Role-Playing Game created and led by experienced MMORPG game developers. Elumia is set, like most MMOs in medieval times, where players must fight, harvest, and build items to survive. The game contains typical aspects like questing, multiplayer adventures, and battles with real-time players, as well as bosses and in-game monsters to conquer to possibly achieve great rewards. 

Elumia is built on the Solana network and features high-quality graphics and full ownership of characters and equipment. 


Elumia & The Infinite Tower

Elumia is a vibrant city where the players can create virtual communities and interact with other players to develop friendships and more. However, in the center of Elumia City, the player will find an ancient construct given the name “The Infinite Tower.” The Infinite tower existed long before human memory. After the entrance to the tower opened, the ground around it started to rise, eventually creating the city of Elumia. The portal contains mysterious energies and powers, and within the portal, crystals can be found. These crystals can be used for upgrading weapons and armor as well as be traded to other players.

If a player is brave enough to enter the tower, we must only hope they have prepared well enough because not all players return. However, if the player does return, living to tell the tale, they are treated warily, possibly due to all the conflicting and different stories flying around.

As mentioned, the city of Elumia is the main area for social interaction and for the community to gather for a chat. Here they can trade, fight each other for bragging rights or rewards and shop for equipment for their next journey. Here the players can also pick up new quests and then head to the portal of The Infinite Tower, which transports the players to dungeons and areas to fight various monsters. Players may also choose to mint the items in the game and bring them out of The Infinite Tower and into the world.


Legends of Elumia is a fast-paced multiplayer RPG action game set in the world of Elumia, where we find the City of Elumia and The Infinite Tower. Players are welcome to team up with other players to battle in the outside world or dungeons to challenge themselves and gain loot, rare items, experience, and, eventually, levels. Players can also fight each other either in team battles or duels. 


In the PvE aspect of the game, players can:

  • Explore the world and dungeons 
  • Team up with other players and defeat mighty enemies
  • Create and join guilds
  • Power-up and upgrade characters


In the PvP aspect of the game, players can:

  • Duel with other players
  • Fight team battles in the arena
  • Try different battle modes
  • Participate in eSports with your team

Elumia City

  • Socialize and make friends with other players
  • Shop for new equipment and items
  • Trade in your old items and loot
  • Upgrade and repair your equipment

Alpha Test

We were also lucky enough to try the private Alpha to test out the game itself. Let’s go through our findings.

Although the game is merely a skeleton of what it will become, we were pleasantly surprised with how smooth the alpha gameplay was. The graphics and surroundings were aesthetically pleasing, and the small animations of trees and bushes were great. We even met another player while testing, which means if you and a friend are lucky enough to have a try, why not play together? This online feature surprised us in a very positive way. Although there is a long way to go still before public release, we enjoyed the early alpha test. 

Moving forward, we are especially curious about how the team will handle big numbers of players simultaneously since this has not been disclosed yet.


Legends of Elumia has two tokens for its monetary ecosystem. The $ELU token is called Elumia Crowns and is primarily for governance, in-game rewards, power upgrades, and game-related activities. The other token, $EKS or Elumia Krystals, is the medium of exchange gained through in-game activities. Its purpose is to balance the economy.


The $ELU token has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens and is distributed as shown below.


Its vesting schedule follows this chart.


A more detailed breakdown of the vesting follows.


Alpha Team’s Thoughts On The Tokenomics

The details regarding Legends of Elumias’ tokenomics are very shallow. The governance token $ELU is meant to be used for power upgrades and game-related activities, whatever that means, as well as playing into the governance process, which still isn’t defined. A very superficial statement regarding DAO governance says that the intention is to let players make proposals and give them a voice in the game’s future decision-making.

The distribution of the $ELU token has no apparent red flags, but we find the details regarding its utility lacking. 

As is with many web3 games, there are governance tokens and economic tokens with the purpose of the in-game economy. The $EKS token is mentioned, but there are no details on how it will balance the economy or play into the game.

The $ELU tokenomics seemingly follows an industry standard regarding the number of tokens, distribution, governance, and utility. However, we find the details shockingly abstaining. How does it even play into the game? There is little in the whitepaper showing transparency or giving us confidence in the token economy. The $EKS token is barely even mentioned.

NFT Game Assets

To allow players to have 100% ownership of their items and characters, the game is based on NFTs, which can be obtained, traded, and sold by the player. The NFTs will appear as 2D avatar images but become 3D in the game world. 

Character Avatars are players’ primary tools to navigate and engage in the world. Avatars are uniquely generated NFTs with a wide variety of cosmetic appearances. No two avatars are the same. Each character has been granted a pre-determined set of stats and skills, meaning that the unique character is pre-determined to be better for some play styles or roles than others. 

Characters can increase their combat power in several ways. Equipment and Pets are two of them. Although battle pets aren’t available yet, it is stated in the whitepaper that they will be available in the future. The character can become stronger by completing objectives, defeating enemies, and purchasing equipment from vendors. 

As in most games, the items have a variety of rarities, which boosts different stats. The character can also be boosted and upgraded through gameplay. The equipment will also impact the character’s appearance, making it more unique. 

When created, the predetermined stats and skills that belong to a character, known as character abilities, include the traditional archetypes for tanks, healers, and damage dealers. As mentioned, upgrades and more achievements will be possible during play alongside additional skills based on the Elumia Lore. 

Continuing, the whitepaper states that the game includes Mounts, Buildings, and Digital Lands. However, the team does not disclose what this might mean in a game setting. In their Discord server regarding “land,” they shared in December of 2021 that more information would be available soon. However, this information is scarce or lacking since we find little to no information about it almost one year later. 

In an article on Medium from January 2022, Legends of Elumia disclosed the different NFTs available in the game. However, there was no more information than we saw in the whitepaper. This makes us wonder when “soon” will be. If there is information and news on the game which is not yet disclosed to the public, now might be the time to do so before the community stops waiting around. 

Legends of Elumia Website

We compared Legends of Elumias’ desktop version of its website to its mobile site to see how it measures up and if there were any changes they could make to the site to improve it. Follow along to see our verdict. In this test, we used a Samsung Galaxy S10+.


Elumia’s website was a single-paged website with a heading menu. By clicking on the different aspects in the heading menu, the user would be automatically redirected to that area, such as Token. The logo had a floating and shimmering effect with an animated background of The Infinite Tower. The entire animation would move by scrolling down, and two characters were shown in front of the in-game city. Eventually, we scrolled to the gameplay aspect of the website. 

A video started playing automatically, featuring monsters, landscapes, skills, and a huge dragon, which could possibly be a boss. Continuing, we saw information about the project and explanations about the NFTs, the benefits of ownership, and how this aspect is readily available in the game. On the right side, we could see the artwork of a character casting a spell.

Furthermore, the partners were displayed. Scrolling down, we could find information about the gameplay and what to do in the game, including upgrading and repairing equipment in Elumia City, PvE or PvP, exploration of the world, and socializing, which is perhaps one of the most loved aspects of MMORPGs. Underneath, three small photos were displayed, giving the user a better understanding of how the game will look.

The NFTs were explained a little bit more, along with more information about the game with more photos added. When the cursor touched the picture, the picture itself would move, which was a surprising touch. The Tokens were then displayed, along with information about the team and the roadmap. The site ended with a lower menu, where the user could click to go back home, access the whitepaper, and check out Elumias’ social media platforms. 


By entering the mobile site of Elumia, we were shown the huge tower and, just like on the desktop, the spinning and shimmering effect on the logo and background. The upper heading menu had been automatically minimized into three symbolic lines. By clicking on these, we can find all aspects of the website and the marketplace hyperlink, just like on a desktop. The heading menu was permanently added to the top of the site, just like on the desktop. The video, upon scrolling down to the gameplay, also looked nice. The video quality seemed good as well. 

Although we found the text small and cramped, the partners looked well-placed on the mobile screen. At this point, we noticed that the background looked very odd on the mobile layout. In some areas, the background was entirely blue, and it would be impossible to understand what the background picture was supposed to show.

The gameplay part of the mobile site had an extended layout, which fit nicely. For each informative post, a picture was placed underneath for reference. The NFTs also had a vertical structure; however, the text was cramped and small. 

We tested the mobile website and discovered that a piece of the NFT aspect was missing on the desktop. This part was only included using mobile and featured Elumia City NFTs. Although the layout was good and the photos were nice, we think it’s a big “no-no” not to share the same information on both sites. 

The tokens were displayed nicely at the end of the mobile site. When we scrolled to the team, we again noticed the recurring issue of the text being too small and cramped, as well as the pictures of the team were nearly impossible to see. The roadmap fit the mobile well, and so did the lower menu, which features the same areas on the desktop. 

The Verdict

Overall, the site looked nice using a desktop, and we enjoyed how much the site reflects this project. Landscapes in the background, the implemented videos, and images of the project were easily found while scrolling. We also enjoyed the start of the website when scrolling down to the gameplay section. We found pretty much everything we’d expect to see from a website in Elumia’s. However, we would be interested to see more personal information about the founders of this project and perhaps photos and hyperlinks to their LinkedIn or something similar. 

The real issues accrued with the site using mobile. Although the trailer video at the start looked really nice, we were disappointed to see the text being cramped into small areas and the team pictures being too small. The information was not the issue, and it looked fine using the desktop. But because of the nature of the mobile screen, a whole screen filled with text is rarely an appealing experience. In addition to this, an entire information page regarding NFT housing was non-existent on the desktop. 

Apart from these issues, we enjoyed the website, but we still think there is still work left to be done. We enjoyed the little effects, the quality, and how well the website gave an impression of the project. 


The team claims they set themselves aside from other games thanks to their high-quality graphics. Although we find the project to be shy about showing off its content, let’s look at what they have disclosed to the public. 

Elumia definitely looks like it belongs in the MMORPG genre. We can see the extra details being placed on weapons and armor, which is much expected from an RPG. By scrolling through the homepage, especially the first couple of scrolls, we were happy to see vivid colors, special effects, and high-quality graphics. When looking at screenshots from the game, we see bright purple colors, trees with blue leaves, and overall enjoyable scenery.

All in all, the artwork has the typical MMORPG characteristics and fits well into the genre, especially considering the characters’ style, weaponry and armor. Although the quality seems great in the pictures, we saw a different trend in the released videos of Elumia. Although the movements of the characters and monsters seem smooth enough, we wish the minor details, like grass, rocks, bushes, etc., were given the same “high-quality” trait as the team promises in their whitepaper. We also noticed glitching in videos where plants appear only to disappear and reappear again when the characters move. We must only expect this to be a work in progress. 

Below are some screenshots from in-game content to back our statement. These videos were shared on the project’s Twitter account. 

Concluding, there is a lot to like about the artwork. We also believe there is a long way to go before saying that overall high quality is the main characteristic of Elumia as a project. To be fair, there are many competitors when it comes to MMOs; and to be the best of the best will be a long, difficult challenge. In the Q&A segment, the creators state that they focus on delivering the highest visuals for the game every day to be the best upon release date. 


What Chain Does The Game Run On?

Legends of Elumia is built on top of Solana.

Solana is open-source, and the project implements a new, high-performance, permissionless blockchain. The entity maintaining the project is “The Solana Foundation,” based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Solana claims to be the fastest blockchain globally and the fastest-growing ecosystem in crypto. It has projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, Web3, and more.

Solana focuses on scaling for global adoption. The motto is “Integrate once and never worry about scaling again.” Due to this scaling, Solana can ensure transaction costs remain less than $0.01 for developers and users. The blockchain is also fast, with 400 millisecond block times. With hardware improvements, block times will also get faster as time goes on. Finally, Solana claims to be censorship-resistant, where the network will be open for applications to run freely, and transactions will never be stopped.

Solana manages to be this fast due to leveraging 40 years of distributed systems development, as we can see with centralized databases. Solana can leverage this because they found a way to share time without nodes relying upon one another. Solana’s blockchain protocol uses the concepts of a centralized database where it verifies the passing of time while keeping several decentralized attributes without conferring with a central clock. The consensus method is called Proof of History (PoH) and is what adds the element of time to the blockchain. PoH is designed to verify the time passing between transactions on the chain. When time is a factor, the blocks will be in chronological order, and none of this is dependent on centralized clocks or timestamps.

Solana accomplishes the verification of time by selecting a network node to be the leader. Being a leader node means that it adds entries to the ledger, also called a transaction validator. The leader is also the one who generates the sequence for Proof of History. Having this leader do all the sequencing of messages results in maximum efficiency and throughput. When the leader has made its sequence, it is sent to replicator nodes called validators. Validators are in charge of verification for the consensus algorithm.

To ensure decentralization and some equilibrium, leaders must rotate regularly. New leader nodes are chosen according to a leader schedule, which decides which validator gets to lead next, as there can only be one leader at any given time. The Proof of Stake elections chooses the leader schedule, encompassing the validator nodes. Proof of Stake (PoS) is a consensus algorithm with several flavors. We’ve talked about some of them in our reports on Tezos and Algorand. The PoS mechanism uses a Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) mechanism called Tower Consensus in Solana. Tower Consensus uses the PoH mechanism as a global source of time before consensus is achieved.

The video below explains Solana’s PoH concept in a simple way.

Proof of History Explainer

Our Thoughts On The Chain?

Solana is undoubtedly a fast and low-cost blockchain solution. For an in-game economy to function well, transactions must be immediate and essentially free for the players. What has generally been touted as one of Solana’s benefits over other blockchain solutions is the ability to handle up to 50,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS). However, one of Solana’s problems has been its several outages, counting at least seven since its mainnet launch in 2020.

Despite the outages from various congestion and spam events, the blockchain has not been compromised security-wise. Solana also gets a lot of flak from the general crypto community due to these outages.

A feather in Solana’s hat is the engaged NFT community. NFT sales and the number of transactions on Solana have continuously been at the forefront. From the picture below, we’ve gathered some statistics from Cryptoslam.io showing NFT sales volume over the past 24 hours and seven days. Although Ethereum had the highest sales volume, Solana has significantly more transactions and keeps up with the number of buyers, indicating a very active community.

Screenshot from https://cryptoslam.io/ 11.10.22

Screenshot from https://cryptoslam.io/ 11.10.22

There’s no doubt that Solana can handle a massive number of transactions at speeds typical for traditional databases. Although Solana has issues like most blockchains, it seems it’s improving.


Who Is On The Team?

Richard – CEO

Alex – CCO

Nutt – Lead Programmer

Vadym – Technical Art Director

Teem – Senior Blockchain Engineer

Alex – No Title

Josh – Marketing and Partnership Advisor

Team Assessment

We have to start by prefacing this part with the fact that finding information on the members of Legends of Elumia was hard. The team behind Legends of Elumia has chosen to remain anonymous and only lists their members by their first name and no sources to their claims of past experience.

With no LinkedIn pages, no past medium articles regarding their team with any source material and such, verifying the claims of experience listed only in their whitepaper, and with an un-doxxed team; we cannot verify their claims of experience and, as such, provide a complete assessment of this team.

We were also unable to find any career listings or hiring opportunities.

Do They Have Relevant Experience?

According to themselves, their team consists of at least 40 team members, with a combined total of 80+ years of experience. As mentioned above, this claim and the following claim in this section are unverifiable by the public.

The team, as a whole, claims to have diverse experience within several key areas of game development and project management. Their expertise ranges from programming, project management, art experience, marketing experience, and blockchain development experience. They also claim to have years of MMORPG development experience going back decades.

Assuming their claims are correct, this team has a generous amount of past experience from other game projects such as; Guild Wars 2, Star Citizen, Final Fantasy, Warhammer, Dungeon Hunter, Rainbow Six, and more.

Who Are Their Backers?

We can see their promoted backers on their website, featuring well-known names in the business. Let’s look deeper at some of them and what they stand for.


Spartan, or The Spartan Group, consists of veterans with varied backgrounds in finance, analysts, and investment bankers. They are based in Hong Kong and Singapore. They call themselves “Asia’s leading blockchain advisory and asset management firm” and offer advisory services for blockchain projects.

Read more about Spartan here: https://www.spartangroup.io/index.html

Alameda Research

Alameda research was founded in 2017 by Sam Bankman-Fried and has been a leading principal trading firm since. The firm is based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Both the Founder of SBF and Sam Trabucco, a crypto quant trader for Alameda, are well-known in the Twitter community regarding blockchain and crypto. 

Alameda Research has internally developed technology alongside high expertise in trading digital asset products. Both major and altcoins. Alameda Research describes its strengths as combining their advantages, and therefore “being able to provide better services than their competitors will be able to,” as the firm state in its own words.  

Read more about Alameda Research here: https://www.alameda-research.com/


Crypto.com is the fastest-growing crypto app, with over 50 million users and over 250 cryptocurrencies available to trade. They also state to be the most secure crypto exchange. Crypto.com was founded in 2016, and its central vision is for everyone to have cryptocurrency in their wallet. They hope to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency by being another contributor to crypto trading. They have partners such as FIFA WorldCup 2022, Fnatic, Formula 1, and UFC, to name a few.  

Read more about Crypto.com here: https://crypto.com/eea/


We will now look at Legends of Eluvia’s roadmap, which was easily found on their website. The roadmap can also be found in their whitepaper. 

Game Developer’s Roadmap

Q3 2022 officially started on the 1st of July, which means that optimally Legends of Elumia should be set to have a private beta launch and create an NFT marketplace and launch the in-game currency (EKS). Their token has been launched as promised and is available through huobi.com, gate.io, and raydium.io. 

The genesis hero staking event is also on air. However, the goals for Q3 2022 have yet to be announced anywhere as completed. The NFT marketplace is still not available through their website. On the project’s Discord, in a post from 06.30.2022, we found news that the team would upgrade the genesis NFT visuals from 2D to 3D characters. However, as with all things, this takes extra time, which might explain why the project is a little slow in announcing its Q3 2022 goals.

Alpha Teams Thoughts On The Roadmap

All in all, from the small gameplay videos we’ve seen and looking through their previous goals, it seems like Elumia is at the start of something. However, the delay makes us wonder as to what exactly. We are worried about how little information is shared about their progress on their various platforms, especially on their whitepaper and homepage. 

Although the project is quite delayed, we are happy to hear, through their Discord server, that they are focusing on quality instead of rushing and, in the end, have a worse outcome. However, it does cause worries because the gaming industry waits for no one. With several great MMORPGs in the making in the blockchain gaming industry, we worry that Elumia might become outdated before it even gets released due to the wait. 

On a positive note, we are very excited to see they have goals to create esports challenges and grand tournaments. We hope they will be able to move forward strongly and reach their goal of opening their game to the public somewhere around Q1-Q2 of 2023.

Guild Facilitation

Legends of Elumia doesn’t seem to have a particular focus on guilds. At least nothing has been disclosed to the public or in their whitepaper. However, we do not see it unlikely that players would like the opportunity to lend their NFTs, such as mounts and items, to other players in the game for a limited amount of time. 

We see several games turning away from the guild focus central to most NFT games only a few months ago. We believe this is a general change in narrative and focus for the whole industry. 


You can find the whitepaper in the link below.


Alpha Teams General Thoughts On The Whitepaper

Elumia’s whitepaper was last updated over three months ago. However, it does seem far more outdated than one would expect. Especially considering the roadmap goals which haven’t been achieved in the timeline set. The whitepaper is short, starting with a brief introduction of the concept and very little lore. However, we understand the general idea of the game, and since the MMORPG genre is known to most, much is self-explanatory. 

Although some information is shared in the whitepaper and some pictures, we would expect to see more information from Elumia. Much of the information, like the NFT aspect, is well-known to GameFi players. We would expect more than just superficial information. The whitepaper mentions several NFTs in-game, such as the character avatars and equipment. However, other aspects of the NFTs, such as pets, mounts, buildings, and digital lands, aren’t explained. Unfortunately, we are left with more questions than answers after reading the whitepaper.

The tokens and tokenomics part of the game is also barely explained. A few tables and graphs had been added, which was nice. However, the details were shallow; in general, we felt that the tokenomics themselves weren’t defined enough. Neither could we find information regarding how the $EKS token will be balanced or even have a role in the game.

The partners of this project have been presented sufficiently and placed in the whitepaper. However, the creators and game developers working on Elumia are only mentioned by their first names. Usually, we would find information about the core team proudly on their website with links to their LinkedIn. This information was unavailable on the project of Elumia.

Growth Implications

There is no precise information about how the project plans to deal with potential high player bases or unexpected influx. However, in the whitepaper, it is stated that the project’s goal is to have future game expansions. 

One detail we can share is that the hacking issue came to light from a previous medium article in a Q&A. However, the team firmly believes that with the server infrastructure that has been developed, refined, and tested for (10) years, they are confident that this won’t be an issue. They state that everything and everyone will be kept safe when playing Legends of Elumia.


Social Media Followers Count

PlatformFollower count

Socialnomics gives a better understanding of the community. It also shows how well the project communicates through the various platforms. Without further ado, let’s look at Legends of Elumia’s socialnomics.

We’ve been looking at socialnomics for quite some time now. What we have noticed, over time, is a clear decrease in followers for the past weeks. From what we can see, the posts on Twitter have also decreased, and there is not much going on in Discord either. When we started investigating, the total numbers of followers throughout the platforms were 89,104.

The new total number of followers is 84,437. This is an average loss of 1,555 followers per. platform.

Of all the social media platforms, Elumia has the most followers on Twitter. They joined in October of 2021 and have since grown their following to 53,000 followers and posted 183 tweets. By doing some quick math, historically, a follower can expect to see three to four tweets a day from Elumia. 

In reality, however, they have been quiet for the entirety of September and have declined in posts over time. Now it seems as if they are lucky, they post a couple of times a week, rarely reaching several posts a day. It doesn’t seem unusual to wait two weeks to see a new post from the project. Legends of Elumia usually post small spoilers of gameplay, news regarding partners and the GameFi community, and small updates from the core team.

When we calculate the engagement rate, we hope to see over 1% of their follower base interact per post. Usually, from what we can see, they usually get between 58-277 interactions from their newest posts, which is only 0.1-0.52% of their follower base. However, in April, we saw several posts reaching much higher interactions per post and getting several thousand views per video. The post of their funding round ending got almost 2,400 reactions, which equals over 4%. Their engagement rate back in April reached up to 830, equaling approx. 1.56%, which is really good. Some videos have been seen over 20,000 times. That’s close to half Elumia’s follower base, judging by today’s numbers.

Their most popular posts seem to be videos of gameplay, events, and posts of the core teams’ progress on the project.

Elumia’s Discord server is smaller than its Twitter, reaching 17,130 members. The server contains sneak peeks, a general chat, a question area, fan art, and a diverse selection of language groups, to name a few. Although the chats seem to be quiet, including the announcement chat, the members seem happy and excited about the project itself. 

From what we can understand, this project’s team is small, so everyone is busy whenever work needs to be done. This leads to days, sometimes weeks, without any updated information.

We were pleased to see a question area on their server, and everyone seemed to get their questions answered. Although the community isn’t the biggest and the updates are often sparse, we enjoy that Elumia prioritized answering any questions from their supporters. 

Speculations And Connecting The Dots

Due to the slender whitepaper and little information regarding Elumia as a project and game, we have a list of questions. In this speculation part of the article, we will attempt to go through them all.

The whitepaper disclosed information about the NFT aspect, such as mini pets, mounts, and estates. However, how their function, or working, is not explained for the game. Although the game is a work in progress, we would like to know their plans. After all, buying an in-game NFT without knowing its usage and benefits is probably not the right way to go about it. 

Another quote highlighted as the main focus in Legends of Elumia is the allegedly high quality that the game will contain. The future of MMOs is looking better and better. Although Legends of Elumia states that they have high-quality graphics with rich and fun gameplay and a variety of loots, we struggle to find videos, pictures, or proof to prove them right. From what we see, unfortunately, there is very little information available, especially about the artwork, items, and the creative part of the game. 

MMORPGs are perfect games to show off the different aspects of the artwork with various options to showcase, such as items, weapons, character customization, monsters, raids, and much more. Therefore, we are disappointed that so little has been shown to the public. Although what we do find of in-game content and artwork is fair enough, we would expect more variety. Especially so close to the planned launch date. 

Regarding the launch, which is set to be in Q1 of 2023, we find little to no information about the project’s progress. Although the whitepaper was only updated three months ago, we struggled to find updated, clear information. Although the project posts short videos on both Twitter and Discord from time to time, we experience the information being repetitive without actually showing much progress. 

For example, Domi Online, as we’ve written about priorly, releases monthly updates to their community on what the team is working on and their progress. In December 2021, the team announced in their Discord channel that more information was to be announced regarding lands. To this date, there have been no updates. The slow tempo of new informational updates makes us worry that perhaps the game will be outdated before it even can launch. In a medium article, the project states that there are over 40 members of the team working on the project. There must be enough workforce somewhere to bring a proper update to the community.

Overall there is very little information about what’s actually been improved. Elumia hasn’t posted a proper medium article since August 2022, only announcing a staking event. On Twitter, the project posts rarely; when they do, it’s only short sentences, in-game pictures, or short videos. These show little to no progress or information about the project’s progress when there are a number of the same videos available. Much of the progress is only shared on Discord, and we can’t really understand why. At this point, all updates and improvements on the project are vital to all who may be interested. For us, only releasing this information on Discord doesn’t seem like the right move. 

In conclusion, we hope to see more lore about Elumia, how it came to be, and the overall world and story behind it all. It was stated in a medium article back in February 2022 that this seems to be a work in progress. Until then, we can only wait patiently. 

An additional factor to this project could be the market. The market has not been optimal for new up-and-coming games. Our ending question is this: Can Elumia be excused for their flaws because of this fact? Or is it only a more significant reason to be upfront and direct about improvements and updates?


If you’ve gotten this far, you might get an idea as to why we aren’t super hyped about Legends of Elumia. There is a lack of information to justify that this project will be of that high quality which is stated in the whitepaper, while being fun and having engaging gameplay. The project plays more on the hype factor, posting sales news and short videos instead of giving precise information about the ongoing improvement of the game.

In addition, another red flag is the fact that their team isn’t doxxed but only presented by their first names, with no links to their LinkedIn or other sources to verify their claims. The team claims to have 80+ years of experience shared across their team, giving no opportunity for the public to verify their claims. 

Furthermore, they claim to have past experience working on games such as; Star Citizen, Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy, Rainbow Six, and more, and it’s a shame that we cannot confirm these claims. Overall we’re disappointed with Legends of Elumia’s choice not to be doxxed, as we would’ve liked to see more information about this team.

Although their videos and artwork look good and seem fitting for an RPG, and we are sure the game could be fun, we struggle to find sufficient information to prove anything. The GameFi space needs someone to fill the spot for the best MMORPG game. However, if Legends of Elumia is the game that will do just that is pretty uncertain at this moment.

As a result of all this, we do see some indications that Legends of Elumia could be a decent project somewhere down the line. Still, at the current time, there is a burdensome lack of information and transparency, especially regarding the team and whitepaper.

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