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Balthazar Releases Game Scores: NFT Games to Watch in 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, JULY 28, 2022, Sydney, Australia: Leading NFT gaming platform Balthazar has launched the most comprehensive Game Score in an effort to help create transparency and validity in the NFT gaming space.

Out of 10 pre-released games, Parallel scored the highest, with a near perfect 9.5 out of 10. It was followed by Dogamí with a score of 9, and Shrapnel with 8. 

The 10 pre-released games have been scored based on seven criteria:

  • Background
  • NFT game assets
  • Website
  • Artwork
  • Team
  • Whitepaper
  • Socialnomics

The Game Scores follow Balthazar’s release of comprehensive research reports on 21 games to date. Several of the reports are more than 10,000 words, with our recent Dogamí report hitting more than 17,000 worlds.

John Stefanidis, CEO and Co-founder of Balthazar, said he is proud of the Balthazar Game Score.

“The Balthazar Game Score is an exciting development for NFT gaming because it will help to sift through more than 1,400 games in the space. Our Alpha team led by Nicholas Korsgård has created an incredibly helpful resource for the industry that will not only help developers create better games but also help gamers choose where to spend their time.”

Nicholas Korsgård, Chief Gaming Officer at Balthazar, said the objective for the Game Scores is to summarize the research reports into an overall score and to create a benchmark for high quality NFT games. 

“Balthazar’s Game Score is extremely important for the NFT gaming industry because it encourages games to be more transparent, higher quality, and gives credibility and validation to well-made games. 

“For Web2 gamers taking the leap into Web3 games, they want AAA quality games. Through our comprehensive research and scoring, it will be very clear which games show the most potential in the space.”

Balthazar’s 10 pre-release game scores

Report NameBackgroundNFT Game AssetsWebsiteArtworkTeamWhitepaperSocialnomicsFinal Score
1. Parallel9.59.58109.59.599.5
2. Dogamí998.5899.58.59
3. Shrapnel87.598.
4. Mobland876.56.58.5677
5. Photo Finish Racing6.587.568.55.567
6. Nitro League86.56.577.54.57.57
7. Rebel Bots6.
8. Defy7.56.565.565.556
9. Nekoverse6.56.56.563.56.566
10. Kitsumon7.565.5745.54.55.5
Source: Balthazar

The highest scoring game, Parallel, recorded a perfect 10 for its artwork, and a 9.5 score for its background, NFT game assets, team, and whitepaper. 

Korsgård said his team of professional gamers were highly impressed with the trading card game, which plans to develop 3D AR assets.

“Parallel has extremely high holistic quality across the board, huge attention to detail, one of the most experienced teams in GameFi we’ve come across, some of the best quality art we’ve seen so far in GameFi and equalling some of the best web2 games. They are setting the standard for blockchain-based games.”

The Game Score methodology is based on publicly available data on pre-released games. Our Alpha team of four pro gamers score each game’s 7 criteria individually, and the results are combined as an average score. The games were chosen from those that sparked interest by the team and had the relevant information needed for the research, however, Balthazar plans to research and score all applicable games.

For more information on Balthazar Game Score Methodology click here. Games reports are released by Balthazar weekly. Check out the full list here.

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