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Balthazar Partners with Undead Blocks

NFT gaming platform Balthazar is proud to announce its latest partnership with Undead Blocks, the world’s first multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game.

After US$2.5 million in pre-funding led by Animoca Brands, and a team of more than 50 full-time developers including partner studio Kevuru Games, which worked on Fortnite and Star Wars Tales of the Galaxy’s Edge, the first-person shooter game is promising to be a “Web3 version of Call of Duty”.

Undead Blocks founder Grant Haseley, said his game “aligns perfectly” with Balthazar’s mission.

“We are delighted to have Balthazar join the Undead Blocks family. Their core mission of empowering gamers and emphasizing asset ownership aligns perfectly with our goal of establishing the most entertaining, engaging and sustainable FPS game on the play-to-earn market.”

The game will offer two modes of play: a free version and a play-and-earn version with NFT weapons and $10 million pledged to pay gamers in its first year of launch.

John Stefanidis, Balthazar’s co-founder and CEO, said he’s excited to offer Undead Blocks to the Balthazar community.

“We are excited to add even more value to our community. Undead Blocks will be Balthazar’s first shooting experience game available in our Scholarship Program. Our Alpha Team, led by our Chief Gaming Officer Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård, will play-test the game’s assets and share gameplay strategies with our community.

What’s more, NFT holders will be able to earn a yield in our NFT Management System.”

Undead Blocks will be available for public Beta on May 26, 2022. To play Undead Blocks in Balthazar’s Scholarship Program, apply here.

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