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Axie To The Moon

Axie To The Moon is a mobile game with a birds-eye view that features action-packed shooting gameplay.

Axie To The Moon NFT Game

Axie To The Moon is a mobile game with a birds-eye view that features action-packed shooting gameplay. The game draws inspiration from the “Infinity” concept found in Axie Infinity and offers players the chance to explore an infinite universe, echoing the same sense of boundlessness as its namesake game. Axie To The Moon is a trailblazer of Axie Infinity’s “Builders Program”, an initiative that focuses on enriching the fun and practicality of Axies through community-generated content. Partnering with Axie To The Moon, Sky Mavis is incorporating community-generated games to strengthen the Axie ecosystem, resulting in new and thrilling experiences for both Axie Infinity and Ronin.

The game involves the player controlling an Axie and shooting down enemies and obstacles while avoiding collisions with them. The gameplay is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking to navigate through the obstacles and survive for as long as possible. Players may also collect power-ups and bonuses throughout the game to enhance their Axie’s abilities, such as increased firepower or shields. Axie To The Moon will have multiple levels or stages, each with its own challenges and boss battles, and may feature a high score system to encourage replayability and competition among players.

As the game is currently in its early stages, the development team requires support. They are actively seeking individuals to fill the positions of additional programmer, additional animation artist, and quality assurance personnel in the near future. Compensation is available for these roles. If you are interested in joining the team, please reach out to the team lead via Discord at Superfine#0377 or email at jinyongp.gene@gmail.com.

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