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Avalon is an innovative MMORPG that blends blockchain technology with a captivating fantasy realm.

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Price $0.49
Market Cap $25,370,506
Fully Diluted Market Cap $29,617,878
Volume(24h) 1,116,850
24h % Change 3.69
Circulating Supply 52,262,008.69 AVA
Max Supply 61,011,389
Total Supply 61,011,389

Avalon NFT Game

Avalon is an innovative MMORPG that blends blockchain technology with a captivating fantasy realm. With twelve unique kingdoms, each featuring its own network of servers, players can immerse themselves in a highly detailed environment crafted by skilled artists. Upon reaching level twenty or owning NFTs buildings or lands, players can explore each kingdom freely. The game provides an array of features, including multiplayer raids, quests, puzzles, ships, and naval battles.

Avalon’s storyline is inspired by King Arthur and real-world history. Players can explore vast mountainous areas, fight spiders, and participate in weekly tournaments and raids. The game also features valuable chests, transportation systems, and a crystal and ore mining system. Players can earn AVL tokens by owning in-game land, finishing quests or multiplayer raids, or owning manufacturing and hospitality buildings. The game includes dragons, with sightings of Fire, Water, and Ice Dragons. Moreover, there is a detailed land tax system in the game, with a 10% tax rate that is split between Avalon’s treasury, local landlords, and the Castle landlord (king of the island).

In Avalon, players must team up with 5-6 NFT characters to participate in raids. Players who own in-game land and buildings can generate passive and active income via the game’s automated tax collection system. They can also collect sales taxes by finishing quests, multiplayer raids, and owning in-game land. Rare treasures and resources can be found in valuable chests that are randomly placed throughout the game. Food can be harvested, honeycombs can be searched for, and spiders can be fought to obtain venom, which can be used to make poisons for use in battles and raids.

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