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Astro Must

Astro Must is an exciting Web3 game that promises to take players on an exciting journey to the edge of the universe.

Astro Must NFT Game

Astro Must is an exciting Web3 game that promises to take players on an exciting journey to the edge of the universe. The game is designed to be a multiplayer experience that offers a vast array of game mechanics, including space exploration, combat, surviving, strategy, build/craft, co-op play in its open-world environment that allows players to explore a procedurally generated real-world size planet and conquer space travel to reach more exotic planets in the universe.

The game’s storyline starts with players stranded on a remote island on Earth, where they must scavenge for resources to survive and find their way to the mainland. Once on the mainland, players discover a mysterious artifact on the moon, setting off a frantic race to be the first to claim it. This kicks off an adventure that takes players across the galaxy, where they encounter new challenges and opportunities. One of the game’s unique features is the multi-genre gameplay mechanics, where players can seamlessly move from one game mechanic to another. The game’s open-world environment and multiplayer experience allow players to work together and compete individually, in large factions or with AI teams, as they build, explore and work towards building their legacy in a persistent universe.

Astro Must offers a dual token economy, with the $MUST Token being the primary in-game currency used to upgrade and create NFTs within the game. The token is tied to the proof of play concept, where its minting is driven by the player’s gameplay time and the complexity of the task. This means that the more a player engages with the game, the more valuable their $MUST tokens become. On the other hand, the $COSMOS Token is the secondary currency used for trading in-game assets. Players can earn $COSMOS tokens by trading the fungible and non-fungible assets created within the game. Additionally, players can stake their $COSMOS tokens and earn APY% rewards. Holding $COSMOS tokens also grants players access to the game’s DAO council membership, voting, and proposals.

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