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Arkarus is an NFT game that takes place in a vast galaxy rich in resources.

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Arkarus NFT Game

Arkarus is an NFT game that takes place in a vast galaxy rich in resources. Seekers can earn AKS tokens and exclusive rewards by playing the game, and every in-game action is gas-free, thanks to the blockchain token economy. Seekers build their rosters of robots to battle with other Seekers in a highly strategic auto-battle system.

In addition to battling other Seekers, players in Arkarus can also compete in weekly tournaments that offer high-level rewards, including rare NFTs and AKS tokens. The tournaments are held in different arenas, and players must use their strategic skills and diverse rosters of robots to win. The game also features a trading system that allows players to buy, sell, and trade their robots and NFTs with other players on the marketplace. Moreover, Arkarus has a strong community of players who share tips and tactics, offer support, and provide feedback to the game developers to continuously improve the game.

There are four groups of robots in Arkarus, with each group consisting of two classes of robots. The Juggernaut is strong against the Gladiator but weak against the Sentinel, while the Gladiator is evasive and strong in close combat. The Predator is a covert robot that can disappear from enemy sights, while the Sentinel is a support robot that can repair and buff your team or debuff your enemies. Each robot will have a rarity and players can also customize their robots with interchangeable parts and skins to make them fashionable. The motherships are also important, and players start the game with the ARK series of motherships invented in the old galaxy.

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