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Choose among a selection of 10 games in one app! You can join tournaments and 1v1 matches against others in battles in the form of puzzle, action, cards, and arcades.

  • Polygon
Price $0.00
Market Cap $1,459,415
Fully Diluted Market Cap $11,201,178
Volume(24h) 162,270
24h % Change -3.19
Circulating Supply 414,325,963.00 GMEE
Max Supply 3,180,000,000
Total Supply 3,180,000,000

What is Arc8

Arc8 brings you an opportunity to play highly competitive mini-games to earn cryptocurrency and collect NFTs. It focuses on becoming your top-notch esports platform. There are various mini-games that were first launched for play-to-earn mechanisms. However, each game is custom and owned by GAMEE (Arc8).

There are free-to-play and play-to-earn options. Arc8 also encompasses 1v1 and tournament-based matches (practice, sponsored, and competitive). You have credits for free gaming and earn GMEE tokens for monetisation.

How to play

Arc8 doesn’t have a single game but a collection of several visually stunning esports and mini-games. Therefore, you will have to read and understand the instructions of each game individually. However, there are different modes available for you to access on each game for Arc8:

  • 1v1 Practice: In this mode, you and another player will use credits to enter a practice match. The winner gets more credit from the prize pool. However, there isn’t any GMEE in play.
  • 1v1 Match: This is the same as a practice match, but instead of credits, you use GMEE.
  • Tournament: More than two players participate in the tournaments and stake GMEE. Top winners reap GMEE rewards.
  • Sponsored Tournaments: An opportunity where a hosted tournament can use credits as an entrance fee. It is the same as a tournament, but instead of credits, top players stand a chance to receive GMEE.

Arc8 Tokens: G-Bots, Game LAND, and GMEE

Arc8 primarily supports the GAMEE token, also known as GMEE. It is an ERC-20 fungible utility token. The best thing about GMEE is that while it is available on Ethereum Blockchain, it bridges Polygon and Binance. Thus, giving you the flexibility of conversion. It is the gaming currency that you will use on Arc8 to stake and also win.

  • You can liquidate the GMEE tokens to monetise them.
  • You can buy and upgrade the NFTs available on the supported platforms.
  • GMEE is the in-game currency used for almost everything from entrance fees to buying items in-game, among other things.

There are around 3.18 billion GAMEE tokens. The platform also takes a fee (about 10%) for each game played using GMEE. This is to increase the prize pool the GAMEE developers can provide later to the players.

Apart from the GMEE tokens, there are two NFTs available on Arc8:

  • G-Bots: These are the customised game characters available for upgrades. You can buy them, but there are limited packages. You will probably have to use the marketplace, like OpenSea, to purchase them if they are not available on the GAMEE platform.
  • Game LAND: These NFTs allow you to own a piece of Arc8 where you can customise the Arc8 universe. It is a real estate NFT. Ergo, it will enable you to host tournaments, provide games, and customise the overall experience as you like it.

How to buy and sell Arc8 tokens?

Arc8 comes with a built-in Arc8 wallet that you can use for blockchain-based currency transfers. There is also a platform-oriented Arc8 Pay which works as an in-game wallet for you. You will need both of these to play and earn or stake your investments.

However, you can use any well-known wallet, like MetaMask, to transfer funds to Arc8 Wallet and Arc8 Pay. You will need Polygon, Ethereum, or Binance tokens to convert them to GMEE. It is also available on all major exchanges.

Play in a guild

In a highly competitive world of esports gaming, it is always better to team up with reliable companions. That’s what Balthazar brings to the table. You join a rapidly growing community of players, also known as Wizards of Balthazar. With them, you can build a self-sustaining and wealth-earning ecosystem for crypto and NFT games. Balthazar stands as a prominent NFT gaming platform that can grant you an opportunity to either earn scholarships to play on different NFT games or lend your assets to other Wizards (Scholars) to reap the rewards.


How does Arc8 work?

Arc8 works on a play-to-earn model for mobile gaming. You will download an app, connect the wallets, and transfer funds. It is an esports platform that uses crypto instead of any other form of money. Your skills play a significant role in winning the game and earning GMEE tokens.

Does Arc8 work on RNG like simulation games?

Arc8 is a skill-based platform. As a fair esports hub, you will compete against other players. Once you learn about the rules of each mini-game, you can play to defeat other opponents. As you do so, you will win.

Can you play Arc8 for free?

Yes. There are in-game credits that you can use for practice matches to earn you these credits back. You can’t monetise credits unless there is a sponsored tournament. A sponsored tournament allows players to use credit to enter. However, top-ranking players of the tournament stand a chance to win GMEE. 

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