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Aquanee is a play-to-earn SLG (simulated life game) in a Universe inspired by ocean creatures.

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Aquanee NFT Game

Aquanee is a play-to-earn SLG (simulated life game) in a Universe inspired by ocean creatures. The players can evolve and train their own intelligent pet named AQUA. They can use their AQUAs for battles, breeding, or to sell it as an NFT (non-fungible token) in the marketplace. AQUAs can be used to play against other players in different season matches or take an adventure by joining a guild and create an AQUANEE Kingdom. The players can earn NEE tokens by exploring the world of AQUANEE and completing specific missions.

To play, players will be developed in a random water world zone where they will be needing 2-5 AQUAs to form a team in exploring the world of Acquanee, defeating enemies in combat, and winning resources. These AQUAs differ from its skin colors that defines their unique personality. The skin color of a specific AQUA is marked by their parents. The chance of having an AQUA with a rare skin color is based on the AQUAs used in the reproduction. The AQUAs consists of 6 body parts: Physique, Limbs, Eyes, Mouth, Headwear, and Back. Aside from the skin color, these body parts characterize the unique appearance of each AQUA. The appearance of the AQUAs does not change their attributes. Each AQUA has 7 basic attributes: HP, ATK, ATK SPD, CRIT%, EVA, Range, and MOV SPD. These attributes are obtained by the AQUAs from their parents during reproduction.

All players will be having their own territories where the AQUAs reside and will serve as storage for items collected. There are two kinds of territories – International and Private.

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