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Angels & Devils

Angels and Devils is a play-to-earn hand drawn NFTs that gives an opportunity to players to enjoy.

  • ETH
Price $0.03
Market Cap $20,594,517
Fully Diluted Market Cap $144,606,004
Volume(24h) 153,691
24h % Change -2.36
Circulating Supply 712,090,664.56 WRLD
Max Supply 5,000,000,000
Total Supply 782,440,665

Angels and Devils NFT Game

Angels and Devils is a play-to-earn hand drawn NFTs that gives an opportunity to players to enjoy. The collective consists of 5,000 Angels and 5,000 Devils who have resolved their differences in order to enter the metaverse together. The Web3 collection includes a DAO-Driven Community Wallet.

The Celestial World P2E WRLD metaverse is being constructed on NFT Worlds as the core component of the Angels & Demons project. NFT holders will be granted special access to metaverses and will be qualified for a number of advantages. Holders will also be able to vote on important topics and play part in the governance of the community wallet. The general public will not be charged to enter any of the metaverses. There will be exclusive locations and benefits for holders. The game also provides the user with a variety of activities, including PvE, in which players band together to take on difficult challenges in the Celestial or Inferno World. It includes gathering things, saving NPCs, and fighting various creatures. Players will be able to demonstrate their combat prowess in the PvP Arena. Those that win are listed on a weekly ranking. The player with the most victories will be given a unique badge and prize each month. Players can take over one of the four great castles of the metaverse in Conquer the Castle. Inside the castle, players will have accessibility to a wonderful view of the city, a cozy room, among other things. Every season, new jobs will be added to Job Offers, such as selling handcrafted wood goods and going fishing, which will increase WRLD token income. Also, Leveling Players’ characters enables them to enhance them throughout the game.

The Angels & Demons project’s primary token is WRLD. On the Ethereum network, the WRLD coin is generated. It is regarded as the main token utilized when playing in the NFT universe. The token can be used by players to gain access to exclusive advantages and unique content or products in the NFT universe. Every season, developers plan to provide about 100h of content.

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