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Angels Creed

Angels Creed is a play-to-earn game built on Binance Smart Chain.

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Angels Creed NFT Game

Angels Creed is a play-to-earn game built on Binance Smart Chain. This role-playing game allows players to assemble their own NFT game characters to enter a world divided between light and darkness. Become the most powerful in the world of Angels Creed by creating your own team of magical heroes. Enhance your items using gems and become the most attractive hero among all. The characters created by the players will be the hero protecting the world from evil. Collect gems, play in a battle, take on an adventure in this new type of game operated and owned by the players. Earn by acquiring AST tokens and utilize it to further intensify the flow of the game.

The Angels Creed Ecosystem has an $ANGEL token as its main token that can be earned through playing or be bought on exchange. In order to play, this $ANGEL token is needed to employ Angels, take game characters into new levels, join challenges, and obtain game items.

On the Angels Planet, there lived these powerful creatures named Angels (main in-game character). There are currently 6 Angel characters (Dizo, Evilay, Goblin, Lucia, Robins, Sarah) and 4 different classes (Demon, Orc, Angel Human). Become friends with these Angels and use their skill to explore the planet and take part in battles. These angels possess unique appearance, superpower, and rarity. There are also available rare angels left to be discovered by the players. As the game develops, there will be more characters and classes present soon.

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