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Alpha League Racing

NFT game Alpha League Racing provides a thrilling and heart-pounding experience for players that enjoy racing.

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Alpha League Racing NFT Game

NFT game Alpha League Racing provides a thrilling and heart-pounding experience for players that enjoy racing. The driving experience was given top priority when developing the game by the ALR team. Excellent physics, precise controls, and a gradual learning curve make the game enjoyable and addictive for players of all skill levels. Alpha League Racing is an arcade-style racing game with 10+ playable tracks that feature boosts, loopings, and leaps. The game’s restricted manual boost system adds a strategic element that takes skill and many hours of practice to master while also giving players an adrenaline high.

The game offers various modes of play, including Duel, Team Duel, Clash Racing, Defend your Base, and Attack your opponent’s Base. In Duel, players can initiate a one-on-one race against another player, and both players must fund the pot equally with $RACE. The winner takes home the entirety of the pot, minus the ALR fee. Team Duel is similar to Duel, but it’s between two teams. Both teams must fund the common funding pot equally with $RACE, and external bettors can participate in funding the pot. The winning team takes home the entirety of the common funding pot. Clash Racing is a free-to-play mode with freemium mechanics that features PVP with global ranking and seasons. Everyone can play, and there is no need for a wallet, car, or track. Racers are sorted in the rankings by their amount of XP, which can be won or lost while playing Clash Racing. In Defend your Base, players can choose a track to defend, which becomes “Your Base.” They can select the number of laps and the car EVO difficulty level. As a defender, their mission is to train and defend their base by making the best possible ghost score. In Attack your opponent’s Base, players can attack a random opponent around them in the ranking and race against their best ghost chrono in their base. They can use as many retries as they want and stop the attack anytime without losing XP. The winner gains XP, while the loser loses XP.

Alpha League Racing is a pioneer in exploring Web3 gaming, and the game’s growing hyper-active community of gamers is on a mission to shape the future of gaming by offering more power to gamers. With its outstanding physics, precise controls, and fun and addictive gameplay, Alpha League Racing is sure to become a fan favorite among gamers who love a good adrenaline rush.

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