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Alpaca City

Alpaca City is a unique NFT game that merges alpacas and DeFi in a virtual world.

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Price $0.02
Market Cap -
Fully Diluted Market Cap $411,612
Volume(24h) 59,207
24h % Change 0.42
Circulating Supply 0.00 ALPA
Max Supply 20,000,000

Alpaca City NFT Game

Alpaca City is a unique NFT game that merges alpacas and DeFi in a virtual world. Players must acquire at least two NFT alpacas and one NFT parcel to start the game.

The original version allowed almost no player interaction, so it was mostly just an improved yield farming mode. Nevertheless, the new version of the game has been released, which should be much better than the older version. Alpaca City 2.0, also known as AlpacaVoid, is the new version of the game that introduces two exciting activities: planting and hunting. Players can use their NFT lands to complete planting and earn rewards. Timing is critical in planting as it affects the number of rewards earned. Hunting requires players to use their NFT alpacas to start an alpaca battle with other players. The player with the higher alpaca energy level has an advantage, but strategic planning is key to victory. The game’s base token $ALPA is rewarded to players whose alpacas manage their property. The more assets under management and the higher the alpaca’s energy level, the more tokens it can create.

Land ownership is crucial in the game, granting players access to different features and activities. NFT land comes in five different rarity levels with different characteristics. Rarer parcels have higher yields and higher quality characteristics. NFT alpacas serve as attackers and defenders in the game, and players must strategically place them to maximize their chances of victory. In summary, Alpaca City is an immersive NFT game that offers an exciting and rewarding experience for players who love alpacas and DeFi.

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