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Age of Holders

Age of Holders is a thrilling NFT strategy game that allows players to enjoy the game while earning money.

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Age of Holders NFT Game

Age of Holders is a thrilling NFT strategy game that allows players to enjoy the game while earning money. The game operates on Binance Smart Chain and involves recruiting and training an army, expanding your city, hiring Commanders, and equipping them with powerful items. Commanders are crucial to the game’s mechanics as they determine the number of soldiers you can take to war and provide your soldiers with bonuses to create your strategy. The game offers players multiple ways to earn money, with fighting other players being one of the main ways. Players can use different currencies for in-game purchases, including AHG tokens, BNB coins, and Gold. Gold earned from battles can be converted into AHG tokens and real money. In addition, players can increase the capacity of their army by accumulating AHT tokens, which can be purchased in-game from the Chests section.

To participate in battles, players must create an army suitable for the soldier capacity and characteristics of their Commanders, with Barracks, Stable, or University buildings used for this purpose. Energy is also required to earn money from battles, and energy is regenerated at 1 unit per hour. Upgrading the era adds bonus points to the strength of soldiers, enables the use of unusable buildings, and increases energy regeneration time with each era. Each soldier class has different advantages and weaknesses, which require strategic planning to achieve victory. For example, Knights are the strongest class but are weak against Spearman, while Archers can attack from a distance. Sages support warriors, making them fight more efficiently. With weekly updates, exclusive chests, and a unique “Scratch and Commander” feature, Age of Holders is an NFT game that offers a dynamic and entertaining experience for players of all levels.

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