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Age of Anura

Age of Anura is an upcoming play to earn NFT Blockchain-based game created by Anura Games.

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Age of Anura NFT Game

Age of Anura is an upcoming play to earn NFT Blockchain-based game created by Anura Games.The setting of the game is called Anura, a fantasy realm where players can engage in questing, monster combat, and social interaction.

The world of Anura is a pack full of adventures as to play one of the five in game class archetypes, which has unique attributes and characteristics, district and thrill gameplays and has different character’s story arcs. Namely, first is the Divine, the mortal hand of Anura and the speakers, the Devout, the Anuran symbol of Might and Nobility, the Shadow,those that walk through Anuran society’s silence and act as the covert provider for its unsaid needs, the Fury, their strength in battle is unrivaled, surpassing the combat prowess of others by pure stubborn determination and furious wrath, the Shaper, those born with exceptional intelligence and brilliance, there is an Anuran for everyone, whether you like to enjoy the strategic devastation of your adversary or just want to crush everything in your path in a fit of rage. Players can gather and trade a variety of NFTs that stand in for in-game commodities like characters, weapons, and items. These NFTs can be used to engage in combat with other players, explore the game area, and finish objectives. Players will be able to earn rewards the utility token $ANURA, which they can spend to benefit the ecosystem and exchange NFTs on a blockchain-based marketplace thanks to the developers’ commitment to include decentralized finance (DeFi) components in the game.

Age of Anura is currently under production and not yet had formal release date.

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