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Across Lunacia

Across Lunacia NFT is a 2D action adventure game that is inspired by Axie Infinity.

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Across Lunacia NFT Game

Across Lunacia NFT is a 2D action adventure game that is inspired by Axie Infinity. The game’s retro style and pixelated graphics give each player a chance to try something new. Across Lunacia is currently in the Alpha testing phase, and users of Axie Infinity are the only ones who can use it right now. No one knows yet if the game’s market will be the same in the Axie Infinity Market.

In Across Lunacia NFT, players can face problems and beat chimeras while playing. They can also have bases in the game where they can run their operations. One of the best things about Across Lunacia NFT is that players can choose from different games. For example, the Lunacia Cup is a racing game where players can compete against each other, and the Axie-themed brawler is a game where players can fight each other. AXS tokens, which are the game’s currency on the Axie Infinity Network, are also part of the game. Players can stake, vote, and buy things in-game with these tokens. The makers of Across Lunacia NFT are working on adding a battle royale mode to make the game more fun. They can play the game in their browser.

Across Lunacia NFT is an old-school arcade game that reminds players of the original Pokemon games and gives them the chance to win money at the same time. For players to play the game, they need an Axie Infinity account, which they can make on the official Axie Infinity website.

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